Religion, Philosophy, and the Arts

Aubrey R.

How did Pericles strengthen democracy?

Pericles is the most powerful man in Athens. He"s was a member of an aristocratic family, but he supported democracy. Around 460 B.C., he became leader of a democratic group. He introduced reforms that strengthened democracy. The most important change was to have the city pay a salary to its officials. His greatest accomplishment was the construction of the Parthenon.

Ancient Greek Religious Beliefs

Influence of the Greek gods and goddesses

Greeks worshiped a family of the gods and goddesses called the Twelve Olympians. Each ruled different areas of human life and the natural world. People honored the gods by building temples, holding festivals, sacrificing animals, and offering food to them. Zeus is the king of the gods. He ruled the gods and humanity. To honor Zeus, the city-states came together every four years for an Olympian festival and games.

The Search For Knowledge

Visual and Dramatic Arts

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The Parthenon

The Parthenon's scenes that decorated it has three important characteristics. First, they are full of action. Second, the artist carefully arranged the figures to show balance and order. Third, the sculptures are lifelike and accurate. Although they are ideal, or perfect and the characteristics reflect the goal of Greek art. The goal of The Parthenon was to present images of perfection in a balanced and orderly way. The Parthenon also is made for the goddess Athena and used to have the statue of Athena in it, but it had disappeared long ago.

How did Greek use the visual and dramatic arts in their lives?

The Greek used the visual and dramatic arts in their lives in praising the gods. The Parthenon was built to praise the goddess Athena which is a visual art. Some of the dramatic arts they did were dramas in the Epidauros Theater. The Greek also wrote comedies to enjoy themselves.

What I enjoyed the most about the history of Greece.

What I enjoyed the most about the history of Greece was learning about who the gods and goddess were and how the Greek worshiped them. I thought it was fun and interesting to learn about them.