Helpful Hints and Information


Families elect to participate in a program offer by Jefferson County Public Schools [located in Louisville, KY] - Home Hospital Instruction (HHI). Many are confused and believe they are in home school; but, you are not in home school. You are enrolled in Jefferson County Public Schools and JCPS sends a certified educator to instruct you in a one-on-one environment. HHI is a bridge during the time a student is unable to attend their regular school placement [per licensed professional] until they are able to return. Our goal is to follow the curriculum, provide instruction to ensure student success, tailor the rigor as medical condition necessitate, communicate with schools to facilitate consistency and provid a smooth transition upon the student's return to school.

Each day of instruction is equivalent to 2.5 days of school attendance; therefore, you will receive 2 one hour sessions for every 5 days school is in session. Every minute counts; please make sure you are prepared to have class at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time [I could be early if I do not get many red lights and there are no traffic jams. Sometimes this really does happen!] Have all notebooks, binders, folders, calculators, pens, pencils, notes from previous lessons, home work assignments, etc.

When instruction is taking place, I need to have your undivided attention. No phones. No T.V.s. If you have pets, make sure they are not the focus of your attention. Before our scheduled time [really,15 minutes earlier], get your drink and use the restroom. Make sure you are ready to have school - clear the table off, or at least the part we will be using.

Home Hospital Instruction is very difficult to adjust to. Keeping a regular school schedule is helpful to most students. Get up as though you were going to school. Get dressed, have breakfast and brush your teeth. Then, begin school. Work on each subject for approximately one hour. take a ten minute break. Work on another subject for an hour, take a break. Try to follow your school schedule as much as possible.

Don't be afraid and don't wait!

Your HH teacher is here to help you and ensure your success. BUT........you have to do your part. If you need to contact us call 485-6054 and ask them to connect you to your teacher [you will have to tell them your teacher's name]. You can also e-mail your teacher, they will give you their e-mail address.