Yoplait Yogurt Taste Test

By: Mady, Megan, Frank and Damon

Our Problem

There are hundreds of yogurt companies in a grocery store, we decided to use the company called Yoplait. Out of many people in the world who eat yogurt each day for lunch, what is their favorite flavor? So we were going to test a group of 7th grade students to see what they liked best!

Gather Information

For this project we did tons of research to find out more about the company called Yoplait. On the website we found out that Yoplait started back in 1965 and it is celebrating its 50 years! We also found out that Yoplait is owned by General Mills for 51%, and Sodiaal owns 49% of the company. The company’s slogan is “Striving for Goodness” . When they have a fruit flavored yogurt they add fresh fruit to it. Each product has at least 90 calories in each 6 o.z. container. They have many different styles of yogurt like Original, Light, Greek, Whips, Simplait, etc.

Something interesting the company does is in October is pink lids. People who eat the yogurt save the lids, then they send them in and the lids are worth money so the money goes for research for breast cancer. All our information was from: http://www.yoplait.com.


When it came time for our hypothesis our group put our heads together to make a prediction on which flavor will be most popular. Our three flavors for our preference test was Cherry, Orange Creme, and also Strawberry. Our hypothesis was: If I give students Yoplait yogurt I think they will like the Orange Creme because then I think the students will connect the Orange Creme yogurt with the Orange Dreamsicle.


For the experiment we created a material list to see what we all need to get and who was bring what. We knew if we were going to be dealing with other peoples food, gloves we going to be a huge thing. Next thing was what could people eat the yogurt with, so we chose to use little plastic spoons that our teacher gave us. Another thing was what do we put the yogurt in after we remove it from the container, so we thought that we should use Dixie Cups. What were we going to display the yogurt on? So we brainstormed and thought of putting it on plastic trays. So on our material list we had to put the biggest thing yet, the yogurt! So on our shopping list we had yogurt, Dixie Cups, plastic trays, plastic spoons and gloves.

Our procedures were:

Step 1: Go to the store and buy the items we need.
Step 2: Bring our items to school, and give the items to the 7th grade science teacher.
Step 3: We were going to find our table in the gym and start to set up displays. We had to put out our cardboard box so no one could see what we were using. Then set poster up in front of our cardboard box. Also we had to get our iPad set with the Google Form. Also place the plastic trays to the workers in the back so they could put the yogurt cups on it.
Step 4: Put the cups in three stacks for each flavor we were doing.
Step 5: Place the spoons in the front by the poster so the samplers could take one.
Step 6: Then go and wash your hands, then place your hands inside of the glove.
Step 7: Start putting the yogurt inside of the Dixie Cups.
Step 8: Place the 3 cups of yogurt on a plastic tray.
Step 9: Start asking customers to sample product.
Step 10: Put the 3 samples in front of the customer, and tell them the speech. Then tell they can now began to start sampling.
Step 11: Tell them to place their favorite flavor they like the best in the iPad.
Step 12: They place their pick in the iPad.
Step 13: They place the spoon on the side of the table. And thank them for coming today!
Step 14: Repeat for all of the customers!


How we collected the data was we used a randomizer to randomize each set for each person. So their friends couldn’t tell them what flavor to choose. Whoever was working in the back would write down the person’s name who sampled the product in order so we could use it later. After the taste test was done we had to go back and type in what the flavor was that was liked the best. We made tally makers to find out what flavor was the best flavor out of the three. After that we took our information and turned it into two charts. Our two charts were a pie chart for the favorite kind, and another chart to see which flavors are liked best by gender.


Our hypothesis was correct because we predicted that the 7th graders would like the Orange Creme the best and it was. I do think they liked it the best because I still think they connected it with the Orange Dreamsicle. A mistake that we made was that we had to many yogurt trays waiting to be used, and there wasn’t many customers. Another mistake we made was that we should have had someone walking around asking people to sample our taste test. Having a poster is a good idea because they catch peoples attention when the walk by. If you get all of your research done ahead of time it helps you to pay off in the long run of the taste test. If I could change the taste test I would have one group at a table. I wish I could change this because I felt cramped when I was working on the taste test. I also thought the customers thought that we were one big group working on the taste test.