Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson a hero

A Hero (1)

1) The reason why I think Andrew Jackson is a 'hero' is because he thought about his people. Weak or Rich, Andrew Jackson cared, he got rid of the 'National Bank' because he didn't think it was appropriate for rich people to be a higher class then Weak.

So he vetoed it.

Another win?(2)

2) Jackson was a "hero" in his winning the Battle of New Orleans.

3rd win (3)

-Jackson was a strong supporter of the Union, influence that would be important to its cause in the Civil War 30 years later.

Or Villan?(1)

1) Andrew Jackson can also be considered a terrible president. One thing Andrew Jackson did that most people today disagree with is the Indian Removal Act. In 1830 Andrew Jackson instated the Indian Removal Act. This act evicted thousands of Native American families, specifically Cherokees, from their home to Georgia so that white families could move into their homes, because the population was expanding and there was not enough room for everyone.

Bad? (2)

Andrew Jackson thought that he could gain voters if he gave the people who voted for him or his friends jobs. This is known as the " Spoils System".

" oh no" (3)

When the supreme sides with the Indians against the state of Georgia, and Jackson ignores the Supreme Courts ruling.

Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency


I think that Andrew Jackson DID have some wrong decisions but he DID have some wise decisions too.

He won the battle of New Orleans, got rid of the National Bank, and he even a strong believer in the Union.

So my final opinion is Yes I think we grew as a Nation in having him as a President.