Lets build something.

What does a person in this career do?

This career, Carpenter, is a job that is based around of making things out of wood or other materials. Some things that Carpenters make are benches, shelves, boats, buildings. etc. Carpenters also repair, design, install, and construct items.

Why am I interested in this career?

I chose this career because I like the class in school, Wood Shop, very much. I like the feel of cutting piece by piece through the band saw.

Experience/Skills needed for this job

For this career you need to have a lot of skill with machines such as the band saw and a belt sander. You also need to have a steady hand so you cut your fingers off! Another skill that a Carpenter needs to have is you need to be very strong to do some thing screw in a tight screw or pound in a nail through steel.

College Needed

Some collages are offering two year college courses for a successful Carpenter career.

What type of science is Carpentry under?

Carpentry is under Physical Science because of all the building and designing.