The kiowa Indians originaly lived in Colorado, but were forced to move to a reservation in the early 1800's. They lived around the Texas panhandle, close to western oklahoma and Northeast New Mexico.They were famous for their long distance raids some going up all the way to Canada.Although they were fierce hunters they were friends and close allies with the Comanche that also lived in the same region.
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religion and traditions

The Kiowa had many religious beliefs and traditions. Foe example the woman in the tribe would wear elk skin, the skin was supposed to be given power to whom ever wore it and men found it irresistible to men as a powerful love magic . The Kiowa people held a sun dance, religious gathering that people would do to for self-healing and renewal. some pictures below of clothing, sun dance and tepee's.


at first the tribe did not allow woman to be apart of the Kiowa tribe, but in the early 1800's that changed. Now only the oldest and wisest woman were allowed to be on the board. They separated the groups or bands by age, called social organization. as a person got older they would move up tribe by tribe.

where they are now and what became of them

The Kiowa tribe are still alive today and live in reservation in Oklahoma. The keep there traditions the only thing is the live in modern home like we do instead of tepees. They have similar leadership and most speak English.

interesting facts

-Still have same religious beliefs

-some prefer to live in tepees instead of modern homes

-some hunt but most shop at local shops

-most speak english