Anti - Hero

An anti-hero is someone who once conformed to society but later realized how corrupt society was and decided to act out against the status quo. For anti-heroes this act of bravery usually ends when he or she flees the fight for justice, dies or even being brainwashed back to "normal". An anti-hero often lacks traits usually associated with regular heroes, such as trustworthiness, courage and honesty.

I personally don't think Macbeth was an anti-hero. From my point of view he wasn’t trying exchange society or fight conformity; he was doing what he felt would benefit himself the most by harming others. Macbeth’s biggest flaw was his hunger for power. Even though he shares the characteristics of an anti-hero he doesn’t use them in the same manner. If it weren’t for Macbeth's power hungry personality and gullible nature he would have continues to climb the ranks of society without blood on his hands.

When I think of an anti-hero I think of V from V for Vendetta. Throughout the movie, V showed his disdain for the corrupt government by acting in unorthodox ways. For example, he blew up the old bailey building and killed people of power; not to mention he even lied to the only person willing to help him. In V's eyes the real monsters he was fighting against was the government. The government retaliated by controlling and filtering what the citizens saw and heard while using propaganda to influence their opinions, in the end, V carried out his plan and died doing so.

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