Making a Shelter for Dummies

Making a Shelter in the Wild

How to make a shelter Part I

1. Find a good place to build your shelter, look for a "fringe," which is an area between a field and a forest. Your shelter should be close to water but at least 150 feet away because water’s gaseous form can take away your body’s heat.

2. Build your shelter against a large object that won’t move, preferably a large rock or a dead tree this is called your base. Sticks can also be used as teepees and will be used to build the shelter.

3. Prop the sticks up against the base you chose. Be sure that they won’t break because this will form one of your walls. There should be enough room between them and your base for you to comfortably fit between them.

How to make a shelter Part II

4. Put twigs and small branches on top of the sticks. This will form the other side of the shelter.

5. Put things like moss over the shelter to keep the elements out and keep it insulated. Most debris will work as long as they stay put and don’t blow away.

6. Make a fire pit but make sure its small and deep to ensure safety and keep small things like leaves away to make sure that they don’t catch fire.

Things to look out for

  • Make sure your shelter can withstand rain and intense winds in case of a storm.
  • If there are any wild animals in the wild make sure that your shelter is out of reach from them.
  • Be sure not to use poisonous plants for your shelter or make your shelter on poisonous plants.