Night of the Twisters

by Ivy Ruckman


There was a tornado that hit Dan's house! There is also a tornado that just misses Phillips where his dad is right then!

Then he looses his mom and ryan.


The main setting is Grand island, Nebraska

the time setting is important because the chapters are named by time

The weather setting is very dark and droopy


mom , Dan , Ryan , Arthur , Stacey , Mrs. Smiley , Aunt goldie , Ronnie Vae , grandma


(Beginning)It was any normal day Athur and Dan went to the beach. next the clouds were starting to get darker. Next there were sirens going off. Next Dan had to run up stairs to get Ryan(A.K.A Dan's little brother) since the tornado hit ground. Next Athur ,Dan , and Ryan went down stairs to take cover. After the tornado was over they were traped down stairs. Next about an hour later Stacey (A.K.A Athur's sister) Stacey came to rescue them. Next they went to find Dan's mom. So Ryan, Arthur, Stacey, and Dan ran and ran to Kmart. Next they finally found his mom , And then Dan , Arthur, and Stacey went to save Mrs. Smiley(A.K.A Dan's neighbor) .

(Middle)When they got to Smileys house and went down stairs she was sleeping!!!!! They woke her up and got her on a bus. Then Dan , Arthur , and Stacey got a ride with a police officer named Kelly. Next he was driving them to Kmart, But on there way over they were driving a twister was hurtling right at them!! Then officer Kelly's glasses broke and then they drove away. Since Kelly's glasses broke he couldn't see so Dan had to drive.

(End) When They got to the police station Dan, Arthur, and Stacey went to sleep. Next a girl brought Arthur and Stacey to there dad at the armory. Then the girl was taking Dan to Kmart but there was to much construction going on. The girl let Dan get out to go find his mom at Kmart but she was somewhere else at a church. But then he saw his dads truck and he ran tords to the truck and his mom and Ryan were in there to. Then they all hugged each other. since there house was destroyed they will live in Phillips with there grandparent for a while.