Autistic Disorder

By Andrea Tapia - 5th Period

Autism Fact

About 1 percent of the world population has autism spectrum disorder and 1 in 68 people are estimated to have autism in the United States


-Autism is part of a larger group of disorders known as Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD)

-Males are affected four times as often as females

-There is no known single cause of autism

Autism Fact

The diagnosis of autism usually occurs between the ages of three and five as seen in the chart to the right.


-Symptoms include impairment in social interaction and little or no eye contact

-Characterized by abnormal development of communication skills, social skills and reasoning

-Autism children often have other disorders of brain function

-Characterized traits also include repetition of words and phrases

-Autism symptoms vary widely in severity and behaviors may change over time

U.S. autism rate rises


In this project I learned more about having autism than I have ever known my entire life. Before I believe Asperger's and Autism were the exact same thing just with different names. I also never knew that you are diagnosed at such a young age with autism. Before I assumed that you would be diagnosed at birth or in your mid teen which was not true at all.
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