Electromagnetic Photo Essay

Payton-Ciarra & Tyler Per.2.

Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday discovered the law of induction. It's the quantitative relationship between a magnetic field, and the electric field created by the change.

Faraday was an English scientist who studied electromagnetism and electrochemistry. He discovered electromagnetic induction, and diamagnetism. Michael didn't get much education, but learned from reading and studying by himself. He didn't have many math skills, but took the ideas, and education from other fellow scientists such as James Maxwell to further his skills. In the 1800's he did a seven year internship where he was able to further his experiments and knowledge.

James Maxwell

James Maxwell of Scottland used his knowledge and work to configure equations. These equations proved earlier experiments, thoughts, and observations. He was a mathemetician and scientist. Maxwell's goal was to represent electricity in it's simplest forms. This goal turned into books, the books had equations, Maxwell's Equations to show electricity in it's simplest form. After many theories, thoughts, and experiments Maxwell has helped the Scientific world in many ways.
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Electro Magnetic Induction.

Improving human life through electronic devices.

Motors and generators, are used to improve human life through electromagnetic induction everyday. Other appliances such as cooking appliances also use electromagnetic induction to help humans.
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Cell phones, tablets, and computers are big in the world today. They help humans communicate, and remember days, memories, data, etc. These devices wouldn't be able to contain all of this information without electromagnets and relays. Electromagnets control the memory function in devices like cell phones, tablets, and computers.


Generators use electromagnetic fields to create electrical currents. They create electrical power using electromagnetic fields. This improves human life in because generators are a way to charge, and save energy.
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Trains use electromagnets to move. They help the cars bend down to let passengers on, and lift back up onto the track to move at a rapid rate. Although trains, buses, and street cars might not be used often here in Round Rock they are used all over major cities, and Europe helping people get around in a cheap, safe, fashionable, and environmentally safe way.