Spanish III Welcome to NCVPS

Recap of Week 1/Beginning Week 2 August 31-September 4

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Welcome to all parents and eLAs!

¡Bienvenidos! I am very excited to be working with your students this semester! This is my third year with NCVPS and my 25th year as a face-to-face teacher.

Online learning is a wonderful experience. It is more self-directed than a typical classroom and it requires a certain amount of discipline to stay on pace with the class. I frequently remind students of the importance of staying on pace with the class in order to maintain the best possible grade and get the most out of the class. My goal is for students to come away from the class with a broader knowledge of the Spanish language, and a deeper appreciation for customs and cultures of other countries and people.
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PLEASE encourage your student(s) to read the announcements (Learning Block) each day! I post information and instruction that is vital to the success of my students. The instructional portion of the announcements is correlated to the current unit's grammar and vocabulary.


Assignments will be posted for students each week. I encourage them to print out a copy of the schedule of assignments to use as a check off list. This schedule can be found within the course as well as in the announcements.The list also provides the dates on which the individual units will close, giving them an idea of the pace that they need to maintain. Below I have included a link to the schedule of assignments so that you may see the expectations as well.

Week 2

Most students have finished or are close to finishing assignment from the Getting Started unit and are working on Unit 1. The Getting Started Unit was due Friday, but because I have had so many new students this week I will extend the deadline until Friday. Please keep in mind that the Unit 1 assignments are due the same day! ALL students are required to attend an RLC session this week for Unit 1.
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Peer Tutoring Center

Please encourage students to visit the PTC when I am not available. The PTC is an excellent resource for students who have questions regarding vocabulary, grammar, or even if they have questions regarding the navigation of the course!

Contacting me

Please feel free to contact me whenever you have questions or concerns. I believe that communication is the key to success with the online experience! I am available in the evenings from 7-9. My cell number is 336.817.8160.

Thank you so much for your time. I know that this will be a rewarding experience for your student! I will send out weekly updates. If you would like to be removed from my list of recipients, please let me know.

Sra. Fagerberg