My West Georgia Responsiblities

Field Experience Observations

Dr. Robyn Huss

Over the last three years I have worked with Dr. Robyn Huss, the Program Director and Assistant Professor of Secondary Education at West Georgia University. When we first met, she asked if I would design requirements for her students observations and field experiences with the Georgia Virtual School. Through a great deal of time, effort, and collaboration with Dr. Huss, Jane O'brien, and Corinne McKeown, we have come up with a very effective and engaging project for the West Georgia students.

The Observation and Field Experience Expectations

GAVS Field Experience and Observations Expectations.


1. Pick three units and look at the discussion questions and responses for those units.

2. Reflect on your impressions of the discussions concentrating on the following:

a. Are the discussion questions engaging?

b. Are the student responses appropriate or not?

c. Why are some students’ responses “better” than others?

d. Has the teacher responded appropriately, especially to the students whose responses may be “off”?

e. Are there any discussion questions you might add to this unit? why?


1. Pick three units and look at the drop box assignments and submissions by the students.

2. Reflect on your impressions of the assignments concentrating on the following:

a. Are the assignments engaging?

b. Are the students’ submissions adequate?

c. Could the assignment be improved? How? (Be specific here and feel free to suggest any great websites or applications that you might use.)

d. Is the teacher’s feedback appropriate? Could the feedback be better? (make suggestions here…no offense will be taken!)

e. Are there any assignments that seem repetitive or unnecessary?

Unit Assignment

1. Choose one of the units studied above that you would like to expand upon.

2. In the UWG sandbox, create a module for that unit (title the unit with your last name, subject, and unit topic). Your unit must include at least four original components:

a. document file with instructional information

b. link to your own instructional video

c. discussion

d. assignment with a drop box

3. Your scheduled presentation will be a 10-minute (max) show-and-tell of your module and the instructional pieces you have included. This will be done in groups, online through GaVS’s Adobe Connect platform.

Check out some of these great websites for your class!

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