Bengal Tiger

By:Emily Showers

Caring for their young.

  • Tigers mate and produce cubs throughout the year.Digestion is about 3 month litters vary from one to six cubs.
  • Cubs weigh less than 2 pounds and one about 1 foot long at birth.
  • The Bengal Tiger usually breeds in the spring,when the female becomes fertile for 3 to 7 days.


  • The tiger is found in 18 states within India.
  • It lives in thorn,tropical,and deciduous forests,mangrove swamps,and grass jungles.
  • The Bengal tiger adopts to the environments,as much at home in the cold forests if the Himalayas as it is in the warm,humid mangrove swamps of the suburbans regions that straddles north eastern,India,and Bangladesh.


  • What you should have learned from all these headings about the Bengal Tiger is how they care for their cubs[young],Diet,Habitat,and Interesting facts.I wrote this to show you what a Bengal Tiger does in its life.