Nuclear Fusion as an Energy Source

April 30 2016

I, Suzanne Nevant, along with a lab partner have just unlocked the secret to using nuclear fusion as an energy source through using solar panels. The sun is gets its energy through Hydrogen atoms coming together to make Helium atoms, and in this process, they create a massive amount of energy. This energy is too much to create on Earth, but we can use the sun’s radiation which comes from nuclear fusion to give us energy on Earth? How? We can do this by using solar energy which comes from the light and heat of the Sun.
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Nuclear Fusion vs Nuclear Fission

Fusion is about joining atomic nuclei together in order to create energy whereas nuclear fission creates energy by splitting atomic nuclei into smaller pieces.
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When using using nuclear fusion, you have to be careful because of the massive amounts of energy that it gives off. It is very hot, and when using the sun to gain energy, it is important to be careful of its heat as well as its power to electrocute you due to its massive amount of energy.
If we used nuclear fusion and the sun for an energy source, it would save us lots of money that goes into mining and drilling for energy sources. That would change the need for current conventional energy markets such as coal, and it would provide an every source that we don’t have to worry about running out of. For, when the Sun stops shining, the Earth also stops functioning.