Andrew Kurilla

Director of Media Technology / Communications Instructor

I am a Penn State graduate. I have a BS in Communication Arts with a concentration in Film and Video Production. During college, I studied 35mm and 16mm film. I have worked on two independent feature films shooting 35mm film. I have also shot numerous shorts using 16mm film, one winning a student submission award at Cannes in 1999. Although I will always have a love for working with film, I now work and live in a 100% digital environment.

I work at an open admission, two-year college. I am going on my ninth year as an instructor in their Communication Arts department and oversee their video production studio. I teach the majority of the video production courses in their program. My students learn the importance of professional reliability, commitment, responsibility, organization, respect, and working together as a team/crew under the stresses of long hours and strict deadlines. I am also an academic advisor for approximately 40 students a semester.

I didn't study film and video production with intentions on becoming an actual teacher. Teaching sort of found me. The institution I now work for received a media technology grant in 2005 that brought me on board to help advise and equip the institution's Communication department with the digital video production equipment needed to create a video production studio and bring their program up-to-date. I have been teaching there ever since. My department is currently in the overdue process of upgrading our digital video environment to HD. It is taking longer than expected, but I am looking forward to offering my students a seamless HD studio when everything is in place.


My wife and I are huge animals lovers. We are members of an animal rescue group called A.R.W.N.Y. (Akita Rescue of Western New York). We recently adopted an Akita who was a victim of Hurricane Sandy. Her name is Zoya. I met my wife over ten years ago while making a documentary exposing an illegal Akita mill and the cruelty these dogs were enduring. Our documentary was used to help change legislation in New York regarding animal cruelty and illegal puppy mills. Updated video coming soon...
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Students participate in awareness projects

My wife and I also volunteer for our local animal shelter. Our volunteer work has opened up many production opportunities and life experiences for my students. When creating our animal awareness pieces, students work off their strengths and are allowed to sign-up for any preproduction, production, and/or postproduction position. Students see each production through its entirety. During these projects, students are not just working cameras and editing on computers, they are also exposed to very meaningful - sometimes harsh - life realities and are responsible in working together and with IT, television, radio and print professionals to get these stories out to our community.
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