Migrants Flee Hungary

August-September 2015

Seeking Asylum

Over 350,000 refuges in Africa and SouthEast Asia have fled their native countries and are seeking refuge in Europe. Fleeing poverty, famine, sickness, and a life of suffering, they seek asylum in Europe.

German plans to take approximately 800,000 of the refuges because they are "financially capable, and have the resources to support them. Meanwhile other European nations have planned to only take several, for example; The EU doesn't want more than 2,000 of them.

Although other nations are willing to accept them, The transit in Burmuda has been stopped by their government, therefore their citizens must migrate illegally and escaped from their borders.

Over 7,000 have died escaping by sea (the only available relevant means possible) and most of the boats are run by human traffickers, so travel is; unsafe, crammed, uncomfortable, and unhospital

So may I ask... Is it really worth it?

Information credits: CNN, The Huffington post, Telegraph co.uk, and The Guardian

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