World Religions and Culture Project

By: Elijah Hannah

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Most Important Belief

There most important belief is to live in harmony which is also knowing that everyone and everything has a meaning in life and that life is precious.

Why do people believe that?

People believe that because if they do just that it will free their souls to become immortal.

What makes believers of this religion want to justify their actions?

I think they were just born into it or they want to live in harmony and keep their souls clean, so they can make it to the perfect heaven.

How do Extremist justify its actions against non-believers?

From the websites I used I was unable to find any taoist extremist because they live in harmony.

What is a current event that is relevant to this religion? What are the consequences of this event on its followers or the world?

In 2013, Yin Xinhui reached the peak of Mount Yi and surveyed the chaos. The 47-year-old Taoist abbess was on a sacred mission: to consecrate a newly rebuilt temple to one of her religion’s most important deities, the Jade Emperor. But there were as yet no stairs, just a muddy path up to the pavilion, which sat on a rock outcropping 3,400 feet above a valley for $1.5 million. This could be a big thing for taoist because not many people have been able to do this and it could be a bad thing because it could plumet their money and cause chaos, but it could be a symbol of appreciation to Jade Emperor.

Art that represents taoism

This is an artifact because it dates back to about 2,000 years ago to represent one of the most famous deities in Taoism , Zhenwu, the Perfected Warrior, he is also known as the dark warrior and he is the god of war he's represented by a entwined tortoise and snake.

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The profound dark depths of the masters
teach us that nothing should be habitual.

Like a baby who doesn't know
but attempts.
Each step
a waddling dance of balance
against the force
of the earth
that would hold us to its bosom.

We must never forget we are not alone here.

Because every day is new,
we have never arrived
and cannot expect to understand.
So let it go.

We are gracious in times of confusion
because the Way is mysterious .

To be subtle,
we know that the moment is right.
Whatever it is,
we are learning.
No need to express anything.
When change is upon us,
we need only dissolve.

Subtle is a way of being
without needing to be noticed:
Like the great trunk of a tree
that remains hidden
beneath its flowering branches.

And the lesson of obscurity:
since we don't know ourselves,
how can we be known?

we need not defend

But Tao knows who we are.
And our Te, when married to the moment,
inspires action without striving

we rise like an ocean wave
called forward by the moon.
we breathe into the wind
the way winter changes into spring.

It relates to their religion because it shows that life moves on and how they cherish life and everything in it.