The Empty Spaces

By Karen Hesse. Pg 76

Stanza 1

I don't know my father anymore.

This is a metaphor to show how much the world has changed with out her mom.

The rest of the stanza is her describing the father she once new.

Stanza 2

"I am awkward with him,

and irritated,

and I want to be alone

but I am terrified of being alone."

This is when she realizes that she doesn't want to see her dad anymore but couldn't live with out him.

Stanza 3

"We are both changing,

we are shifting to fill in the empty spaces left by Ma.

I keep my raw and sting hands

behind my back when he comes near

because he

when he sees them."

She has come to realize they are both changing and that life must go on, even when her father plunges him self in complete ultimate despair.


Personally I can connect to this because it shows that change can come in some pretty messed up ways that will change us forever, but even if it seems bad then there is always the next day. A new hope for a better day
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