3 Dangerous Places

By: Miranda Pope, Sheneka Oliver, and Taylor Andersen

Imagine this, thousands, even millions of people live it could be the most dangerous place to live and they wouldn't even know it. People today wouldn't even know how dangerous the place they live is, they would be oblivious to it. Then again, it could be the most beautiful place you have ever seen.

Java, Indonesia

Java, Indonesia

Although there are 121 active volcanoes in Java, many people live there anyways. There are tropical forests and rain forests in Java. Both types of forests have many types of animals living in them. Even the rarest rhino, the Ujung Kulon. Along the North coast, mangrove forests are located. The south coast has some rocky coastal cliffs. It is also warm in Java, Indonesia. Those are just some reasons why some people choose to live in Java.

Tectonic Plates

The plates that shift around Indonesia cause volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The movement of the plates cause earthquakes and volcano eruptions to happen because of the rocks that break. Indonesia is a meeting of several tectonic plates. The two continental plates Indonesia is located between is the Eurasian Plate and Australian Plate. The two oceanic plates are the Pacific Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate. The plate of the Indian Ocean moves beneath the Eurasian Plate which made a chain of volcanoes that formed four Islands including Java.

Java is dangerous

Java has a big population, but it is also very dangerous. Every year, there are eruptions big and small. Indonesia is has had to two of the deadliest volcano eruptions ever. In 1815, Tambora, Indonesia, Mount Tambora erupted. There were about 92,000 deaths (major cause was starvation).. Just 68 years later, Mount Krakatoa erupted. The eruption cause a tsunami that killed about 36,500 people. There have been many eruptions since, but the earthquakes weren't as deadly.


Living in Alaska

Alaska. It is a nice place to live. When it get warmer outside you can swim in the ocean. It’s not that warm but if you love there for a while you will think it is. Staying up late? Well the sun is up for 18 hours or more, and doesn’t go down for quite a long time. Skiing is the best, there is over 700 inches of snow. It’s an outdoorsman's state with wonderful hunting, fishing, hiking, and other natural pursuits. The sun isn’t out much so now there is a lower risk of skin cancer.

Plate Tectonics

The plates rubbing together create the greatest documented uplift. For the most part, the North American plate moves in roughly at a southwest direction away from the mid- atlantic ridge. The motion of the plate can not be driven by subduction, as no part of the North American plate is being subducted. The translation of these stresses into the shallower crust of Southern Alaska, are driving forces behind the high level of earthquake activity that occurs in this state.


Daily Earthquakes for Alaska are 50-100. Weekly earthquakes for Alaska are 400-700. Monthly earthquakes for Alaska are 1500-3000. Yearly earthquakes for Alaska are 24000. In the last 50 years, eruptions at U.S. volcanoes have flooded communities with lava, swept people to their deaths. Choked major rivers, destroyed bridges, and devastated huge tracts of forests. Clouds of Volcanic ash erupted from alaskan volcanoes have disrupted air traffic as far away as the upper Midwest.

Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo is a beautiful bright scenery. Tokyo is located is located in the middle of Honshu Island. Coordinates of Tokyo 35.689 N, 139.6917 E.

Blooming with millions of people, fluorescent lights and tall buildings. Tokyo is also a great pop culture place to visit or live when visiting Tokyo comic come alive.

Tectonic Plates

Tectonic plate movement create striking violent earthquakes and volcanoes. Tokyo is on a Convergent plate boundary . The Pacific plate shifts under the Northern plate causing these massive or little earthquakes and volcanoes. In 2011 an 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck Japan. Zao a active volcano in Tokyo, Japan causing numbers of death and have erupted 15+ times. The land features the activity cause are deep ocean trenches and sometimes new volcanoes.


Tokyo, Japan is a vibrant place to live but there may be a lot of pros to be living here but there are also many cons. Japan and Tokyo suffered a deadly share of earthquakes and volcanoes. 8.9 earthquake struck in 2011 200-300 bodies found 400 billion buildings destroyed the cost was 10 million dollars to fix damage. 30ft Tsunami struck after that quake. Mt Unzen deadly explosion in 1792 and triggered a tsunami killing 15,000 people and a eruption in 1991 killing 40 people. Mt Unzen is still active today. Tokyo is a brutal place to live many earthquakes and few volcanoes can cause great havick.

Hopefully, this information on Tokyo, Alaska, and Java was helpful. It also showed why each place was dangerous. For more information you may use our sited sources.