A trip to Washington DC


Jefferson memorial

The Jefferson memorial is located in West Potomac Park, it was designed by John Russell Pope in 1925. The memorial was built in resemblance of the Pantheon in Rome.

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Lincoln memorial

The Lincoln memorial has 36 columns. Each column represents a state in the US on The day of Lincolns death. the memorial is 190 feet long and 119 feet wide, the structure almost reaches 100 feet. in 1914 construction started and in 1922 the memorial was opened. The memorial was designed by Daniel Chester French. Lincoln looks, " out over the mall of the country that he fought so hard to preserve and unite.


Vietnam Women's Memorial

The memorial is a 2,000 pound bronze sculpture by Glenn Goodacre. It has three service women and one wounded soldier. The memorial honors the women who had served in the Vietnam War.

Vietnam Memorial

The Vietnam Memorial honors and has the names on a wall of all the brave soldiers and members of the US arm forces during the Vietnam War. This section of the memorial is one out of three. The wall has over 58,000 names.

US Capital

The US Capital is 751 feet 4 inches. It has about 540 rooms and is separated into five levels. It's design was selected by George Washington in 1793. It's purpose is to be used for Congress and as a meusum.

The White House

The White House is used to house the President and his family. It has housed every president since Jhon Adam's in 1800. President Theodore Roosevelt officially gave the White House its current name in 1901.
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The National Zoo

The National Zoo consists of animals from 400 different species and about 25% of the zoo's residents are endangered. The zoo is located in DC's residential Woodley Park neighborhood.

American History Meusum

The meusum has been devoted to the scientific, cultural, social, technological, and political development of the United States. Some of the highlights of the meusum include the Star-Spangled Banner, the flag that inspired the national anthem, Washington's uniform, Jefferson's lap desk, and Dorothy's ruby slippers.

Air and Space meusum

This meusum contains many cool things from back then with flight. It also has many fun activities for the kids. Some cool things the have on display are the SpaceshipOne and The Apollo 11 commanded module.

Arlington National Cemetery

This meusum is the country's largest military cemetery. It also is the resting place for more than 400,000 veterans. The tomb of the unknown soldier is also located here. It is a large white sarcophagus, it is a tribute to unknown fallen soldiers. The gravasite of Jhon F Kennedy is also located here. On the day of his funeral Jacqueline and Robert Kennedy lit an external flame that remains today.
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