Core Sound

By: Sergio De La Torre


The Core Sound is a large and shallow body of water in eastern North Carolina located between the mainland of carteret County and core banks, part of the outer banks of North Carolina, located west of the Atlantic Ocean and west of bogue sound. Pamlico sound is located to the north and east

How are they important

Estuaries help control erosion and reduce flooding of the mainland. Sand bars buffer the impact of waves, while plants and shellfish beds anchor the shore against tides. Swamps and marshes take the initial impact of high winds moving in from the ocean, soak up heavy rain and storm surges, and release the extra water gradually into rivers and groundwater supplies.

Core Sound


People, decoys, duck calls, artists, photographers, folklore, and collectors are but a few of the many aspects of the Core Sound Decoy Carving heritage that make up the guild.