A Country in Africa

History of Country

  • Burundi was founded on 1962
  • On July 1 independence is declared, with Mwami Mwambutsa as head of state and Muhirwa as Prime Minister. In November a retrial of the assassins of Rwagasore is conducted and five opponents of UPRONA are found guilty of the crime.
  • The national anthem of Burundi is called, "our Burundi"
  • Some of the main holidays that Burundi celebrates is New Years, Christmas, and Independence Day

Demographics of Burundi Population

Living Conditions in Burundi

  • living conditions vary from site to site. In its latest weekly report, the UN food agency said some sites required urgent assistance for all basic needs, while others needed only water. Plans are underway to issue identity cards to allow more freedom of movement to the regrouped population.

Geography of Country

  • Relative location is in Africa
  • Absolute location is 3° 22' 34" S / 29° 21' 36" E
  • There are around 10,395,931 people
  • It is a mountainous country

Physical Characteristic

Burundi is a mountainous country

Human Charcacteristic

Burundi is a small area with a lot of people

Issues Facing Teens

  • poverty
  • right to water
  • right to health
  • right to education
  • violence towards children


There are many famous people from Burundi such as pierre Nkurunziza, Domitien Ndayizeye (former president), and Joseph Ki-Zerbo (politician, writer).

Burundi's Religion Percentage

Roman Catholic %62

Indigenous %23

Islam %10

Protestant %5