your smart phone just got smarter

attach things to your phone and your phone to things

Little things can make a big difference. JAKKZ are the newest & simplest little things to improve your device's personality & functionalty

  • The JAKKZ Bolt, Bar & Plug were created especially for iPhone 4/s and 5 to provide additional ways to attach things to your iPhone - and your iPhone to things
  • The JAKKZ Post securely snaps into the headphone jack of every device and allows you to add your own charm and personality.

JAKKZ & STRAPPZ : Attach to & from your phone

  • JAKKZ products are made of stainless steel & titanium and are available in gorgeous black & silver - just like your iPhone 5.
  • PERSONAL : Our products are designed to be the safe, secure and stylish means of adding your own charm and personality with any decoration. Why just wear a charm on your wrist when you can add it to your phone? What about your EQUINOX membership medallion - or if you want show support for your favorite charity.
  • FUNCTION : Attach your keys to your phone, or your phone to your wrist - or neck - or waist. Easily hang your phone in your car - anything is possible now.
  • We will also sell a range of STRAPPZ (not shown here) - that includes colorful and collectable designer wrists straps, lanyards, carabiner clips, and handbag & briefcase leashes - all STRAPPZ designed to partner perfectly with your JAKKZ.

The Post connector fits into every device