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Term 3 - Issue 10 30th July 2020

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Prayer for families


Dear Parents & Caregivers,

Welcome back to Term 3! I hope all parents and children enjoyed their school holidays and managed to unwind over the two week period. They have settled magnificently back to the new school term.

Welcome to New Families (and Staff)

This term we welcome some new children and families to our school community:

Emery Van Der Brugghen (5W)

Elisabeth Hilliard (4B)

Declan Miedecke (3W)

Nevada Weko-Hauraki (KW)

Zoe Santos-Swift (KB)

Miss Ellie Blokland (Drama Teacher)

We hope you have enjoyed your start to the St Francis of Assisi family and we look forward to you enjoying your time here! I have no doubt all our families and children will make you feel very welcome.

Kindy 2021 Enrolments Interviews - Siblings

A reminder to parents that Kindy places for 2021 are quickly filling. If you have a younger child due to begin Kindy next year, please contact our Enrolment Officer, Mrs Brunton asap.

New Faction Names

Through the work of our Student Leadership Faction Leaders and with the guidance of Mrs Croxall, last term we canvassed the students about faction names that relate to St Francis of Assisi. After much consideration, voting and discussion, we are pleased to announce the following:

RED - Agnes Dwert (Dingo)

GOLD - McCormack Yongka (Kangaroo)

GREEN - Benedict Noorn (Serpent)

BLUE - Kolbe Koolbardi (Magpie)

The names have been researched for their significance and relation to St Francis of Assisi and the animal names are represented by the Noongar language. St Francis of Assisi is the Patron Saint of Animals, symbolising this connection to the Aboriginal culture and Australian animals.

A special mention to Miss Mirto in Year 3W, who designed the faction emblems. We will be looking at printing up some banners for the factions in the coming months in preparation for the faction carnival.

Aboriginal Education

Now that we have managed to navigate the urgency of the recent COVID disruption, we are channelling our focus back into our school priorities for 2020. One of these is the development of our Aboriginal Education Plan. Working within the Transforming Lives 2025 CEWA Framework, we will be focusing on two main goals moving forward:

  1. Effectively engage and collaborate with Aboriginal parents, local community and allied agencies.
  2. Develop our staff, children and parents cultural competency in Aboriginal culture.

This plan will begin with the development of an Aboriginal Education Working Party in Semester Two, involving parents and staff.

Code of Conduct Statements 7 & 8

Every year, we remind parents of our Code of Conduct statements as being part of the St Francis of Assisi CPS community. Parents, staff and students agree to our Code of Conduct document which outlines 12 statements that govern our behaviour and conduct in a Catholic school as part of the larger Child Safety Framework for Catholic Education. This week, we review Statements 7 and 8.

Statement 7: You allow students to have a voice in their education, safety and well-being.

  • We should look for other ways in which to allow students to be involved in decisions that affect them or to express any concerns they have about their individual or collective safety and well-being.

Statement 8: You maintain and build on the community’s trust and confidence in Catholic schools and the Church.

  • Parents need to trust their children to the school’s care and therefore those within the school community need to make sure they do not do anything that undermines that trust in the school.
  • If you have information about the safety and well-being of students you should take it to the Principal at first instance and only disclose it to an external party if you believe it is in the best interests of the students.

IMCC Student Bursary 2021

We are pleased to announce that the recipient of the IMCC St Francis of Assisi Student Bursary for 2021 is Tarik Sibley. After an application and interview process, Tarik was the successful candidate. Mr Marshall will present this bursary at an assembly later this term. I'm sure you will all join me in congratulating Tarik on being the 2021 recipient.

Significant Dates Term 3 & Term 4

A reminder to parents to check the attached document for all the significant dates and events for Term 3 and 4. This document is also available on the school website and includes religious, sporting and school events.

Unfortunately, we are yet to move to the easing of restrictions to Phase 5. As a result, we are still navigating large gatherings and trying to find ways to celebrate merit assemblies and whole school masses. Please see Miss Campbell's summary below for which classes will be attending our feast days in the coming weeks.

The AFL season and footy hubs are in full swing with 20 straight days of footy, and tonight the NBA restarts its season. It's fair to say I'll be feasting on a gluttony of sport in the coming weeks, which probably means no awards from Mrs Baker for husband or father of the year!

Stay safe and have a great fortnight ahead.

Best wishes

Jason Baker



Dear Parents and Caregivers,


With WA currently still limited to Phase 4 restrictions, our whole school masses will be celebrated a little bit differently. We are not yet in a position to invite parents and family members to these celebrations, but hope to do so when WA moves to Phase 5.


The school will celebrate the feast of St Mary of the Cross at mass on Friday 7 August at 1:45pm. Students in Kindy, Pre Primary, Year 2 and Year 5 will attend the mass. Other year groups (Year 1, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 6) will join us by livestream.


Years 3&4 will lead us in celebrating the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven, on Friday 14 August at 1:45pm. Year1, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 6 will attend the mass. Other classes (Kindy, Pre Primary, Year 2 and Year 5) will join us by livestream.


If there are any Catholic students in Years 5 and 6 who have NOT yet received the Sacrament of First Holy Communion and would like to do so, please contact me directly through the school office (9562 9500) or by email by Friday 7th August.

First Communion will be a school-based program this year, with all commitments during school hours.

The Sacrament of First Holy Communion will be celebrated on Sunday 13 September at 10:30am.


At this time we anticipate we will offer the Sacrament of Confirmation in Term 4. The program for the Sacrament of Confirmation is in the final planning stage.

Students in Year 6 who are baptised in the Catholic faith AND who have received the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion are eligible. Please make sure you have details (DATE and PLACE) of your child's Baptism.

More information will be available towards the end of Term 3.

"Remember that when you leave this earth, you can take with you nothing that you have received - only what you have given: a full heart, enriched by honest service, love, sacrifice and courage." ~ Francis of Assisi

Miss Dee Campbell


St Francis of Assisi faction Cross Country year 3-6

Our school faction cross country carnival will be held in Week 4 on Wednesday 12th August for all students in Years 3-6. The children have been practising running the distances every sports lesson and it has been great to see the improvement in each child from week to week. Children are allowed to wear a faction coloured plain t-shirt for the day with their sports shoes and shorts/skorts. A letter with further information was sent out earlier this week and is also available on the school facebook page. Parents are welcome to attend and watch their child’s race and if you are available to help on the day that would be wonderful, please let me know. The overall winning faction will be presented their shield at an assembly on Friday 14th August.

Year 6 Interschool Spring carnival

On Thursday 20th August all Year 6 students will be attending an Interschool carnival to participate in rugby league tag, basketball or badminton. The children will compete in a series of mini modified games throughout the day against 7 other schools where the focus is on sportsmanship, fun and enjoyment. Further information regarding this day including locations and times has been sent home during the week and is also on the school facebook page and class seesaw.

St Francis of Assisi Sports Carnival

On Week 8, Friday 11th September we will be holding our first St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School sports carnival. The children have started practicing in their sports lessons for team games and sprints and are very excited for the day. Every child in PP-Year 6 has been allocated a faction, all siblings will be in the same faction and this is the faction they will remain in until they leave SFoA. At the carnival each child will participate in a running race and at least 2 team games. The carnival is held on IMCC oval and further information will be sent out closer to the time.

Kind regards,

Ms Amanda Croxall


Welcome to Term 3 and a different Book Week timetable this year. We are still celebrating Book Week however we will be holding it in Term 4. The theme this year is 'Curious creatures, wild minds'.

Mrs Marie Gray


In Term 2, students were learning about the topic of Earth & Space Science in science classes. As part of these studies, we had a visit from Earth Science Western Australia (ESWA) on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th July. The Pre-Primary students took part in some Sandpit Mining, focusing on safety and teamwork and also investigated some special colour changing beads. The Year 2 and 3 students learned all about fossils and used some 65-million year old ammonites to make their own replicas. The Year 4 students learned all about soils and how important they are for life. The Year 6 students found out there are two major types of volcanoes and investigated the viscosity of different substances that have similar thickness to lava. ESWA’s visit to our school at no cost was made possible by funding from their supporters and we would like to thank them for this opportunity for our students.


Introducing our new breakfast club!

When: Every Tuesday/Thursday

Time: 8:00am - 8:20am

Where: Hall

Come in and grab some toast with vegemite or jam and start your day right!


Happy Birthday to the following students who are celebrating a birthday in the next two weeks:

Rose Barker, Kian Prasad, Ella Kearns, Tia Kearns, Coby Morgan, Isabelle Kinsey, Brianna Donatti, Gladys Odongo, Indigo Farrelly, Kayla Rasheed, Emma Balyuk, Jayda Kinsella, Molly Edwards, Avraham Athuer.

We wish you all a wonderful day!!


Fri 31 July - Merit Assembly

Fri 7 August - Mary MacKillop School Mass (1:45pm)

Tues 11 Aug - P & F Meeting 8:45am (Boardroom)

Wed 12 Aug - SFoA Cross Countrry (Years 3-6) 9:00am

Wed 12 Aug - P&F Sausage Sizzle


Dear Parents,

Thank you to those families who have already met with Mr Baker, we will be continuing interviews in Term 3. The school is grateful to those families who continue to pay their fees on a regular basis. This is beneficial to our children. If you are experiencing financial difficulty please feel free to contact me asap.

School fee reminder statements will be sent out via email and by eldest in the family sometime next week. Please check your emails and your children's bags.

Please update your expired health care cards in order to continue receiving the discount for this year.

Kind regards,

Geneve Bastian, Finance Officer


Monday: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Where: NEW LOCATION - Operating out of the demountable at the rear of the school!

Ph: (08) 9204 1701

Address: 1/85 Guthrie St, Osborne Park 6017



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