Elephants on Acid

By Brett & Marco

Crazy & insane experiments that are real & expanded the realm of psychology!

Left: How far would you go to "educate" your student in the Milgram obedience experiment?

Bonus: $1,000,000 if you reach "XXX", the highest there is.

Here's another experiment: Stanford Prison experiment

How much pressure can you take as a prisoner in a fake jail for 2 weeks?

Shown on right is your fellow prisoner and your guards.

And yes, there is an elephant on acid experiment

Other Options

  1. Do you dream of falling blocks after hours of Tetris?
  2. 2 fake mother animals, one with comfort but no food & 1 with food but no comfort, which one will your pet choose?
  3. Would you dare to do your own "Big Brother" in your house 24/7?
  4. Can you distinguish the difference between Coca-Cola & Pepsi?
  5. Can you stay 11 days awake?
  6. Can you learn a new language in sleep?
  7. Would you reenact a scene from "A Clockwork Orange"?
  8. Can you control your (possible) hypersexual pet? Mainly for cat owners.
  9. Can you "Total Recall" everything before our part?
  10. Can you brake for the baby?
  11. Would you be Andrew Zimmern for a day and try gross foods that he finds normal?

Guaranteed to be fun & remember, elephants never forget