James Prendergast

Born - 1789 Died - 1834

About James Predergast

James Prendergast was born on 1789 in County Monaghan, Ireland, he died when he was visiting Quebec City in 1834. He was a staff Sergeant and a paymaster sergeant.
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What Was His Role?

James Prendergast had proved that he has courage and initiative and led some men of the 100th.

Why Kids Should Know About James Prendergast

Kids should learn about James because he had courage and initiative and led some men of the 100th, so kids should follow him and take that extra step to have the courage and initiative.
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James Prendergast's Family Life

James Prendergast was the son of John Prendergast and Maria Cory. I couldn't find any information about his father's past family. His mother’s family area was called “Rock Cory Castle”.

Interesting Facts

  • The end of the War marked the beginning of two centuries of peaceful relations, close cooperation and friendship between Canada and the United States.
  • The War was an important chapter in Canada's military history, with many modern reserve regiments from Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada tracing their origins to this conflict.
  • Laura Secord never made chocolate.
  • While Laura Secord is the best known heroine of the War, many other women risked their lives helping the British cause.

War Of 1812 Quote

“Very little is known about the war of 1812 because the Americans lost it”