Sun and Shadow

Story by Ray Bradbury

Major Conflict

A man sees a photographer taking some pictures of some models. He would be fine with this except they are using his house as a background. So with that the owner tries to make the photographer leave but he refuses.


The theme of the story was very frustrated. It was a very suspenseful situation and the tension was high.

Character Information:

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He is owner of the house and tries everything in his power to make the photographer leave. He is not a patient man because with indirect characterization he gets angrier and more frustrated by the second.
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The Photographer

He is the one causing all the trouble. However he believes that he is doing nothing wrong, therefore he continues taking pictures. We can tell by the direct characterization that he is a very stubborn man. He simply doesn't move.

Literary Devices

There was some foreshadowing at the beginning of the story when the wife told her husband not not to do anything drastic. That made me think that in the later part of the book things were going to get heated.

Plot Line Overview

Into: The house owner discovers someone is taking pictures.

Rising Action: Roberto gets into a heated argument with the photographer.

Climax: The police show up.

Falling Action: The photographer leaves.

Resolution: The owner meets a dog and goes back to having a normal live.

A Compelling Aspect of the Story

I think people should read this story to see what drastic mesures the house owner is willing to do to the photographer to get him to leave.