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Ms. Melissa and Ms. BeBe's Class

Weekly Review: Let It Snow

Monday: We made snowmen names, and worked on our sight words in our journals

Tuesday: We had board game enrichment, and we made snowmen snow globes.

Wednesday: We made snowmen, did snowflake matching, and played with snow dough

Thursday: We made snowflake collages as teams (check them out on our windows!)

Friday: We worked on sight words, and we painted ice!



Theme: What To Wear

*Color of the week: BLUE

*Our sight words. This week they are: And, to, is


*Theme: Rainbows

*Color of the week: ALL

*Please change out the extra pair of clothes in your cubbies for weather appropriate clothing!

*If you have ANY questions or concerns, feel free to ask me or Ms. BeBe!!

Helpful Tips

*Work on sight words

*A, I, The

*And, To, Is

*Work on saying first AND last name

*Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning can help improve attention and behavior