Period 1,Amir


Twice the size of Arizona,Botswana is in south-central Africa,bounded by Namibia, Zambia,Zimbabwe,and South Africa.most of the country is near desert,with the Kalahari

occupying the western part of the country.the eastern part is hilly,with salt lakes in the north.


1867-Europeans gold prospectors arrive,mining begins.

1885-British proclaim a protectorate called Bechuanaland.

1890-British protectorate is extended to Chobe river.

1952-Rioters protest at Seretse Khama's exile.

1959-copper mines are established.


Botswana is populated by no less than 20 different tribes with some originated from the neighboring countries of south Africa,Zambia,Zimbabwe,Angola and Namibia,giving the country a rich deversity of cultures.It is therefore not easy to make a comprehensive description of the cultures of all of these tribes.Their main language is English but their is at least 26 languages spoken their,their main ethnic group is Bantu and Khoisan, 70% of Botswana citizens identify them selves as Christians.
♫ Botswana National Anthem ♫


the government of Botswana is Parliamentary republic,capital of Botswana is Gaborone,

President is Ian Khama,the population is 2,004 million,the currency in Botswana is Botswana Pula.