extra infinity and beyond!!!!!!!!

the amazing janaye!!!!!


Do you need to get away from everything, Have some you time? Think about it. Ocean waves, birds chirping, wind blowing. Doesnt it sound beautiful? Teachers and moms wont it feel great to be away from yelling kids, no messes to pick up,no crying babies! Please dont tell me you can pass that up.Well if you dream about This everyday then "extra" is the prefix for you!


Once upon a time there was a mother. She had six kids, a full time job, and her dad was dying in the hospital and no time for herself or her marriage(which was falling apart).She had learned to fall into a routine and it had been the same for the last ten years: wake up the kids, get them dressed and ready for school,cook breakfest and while they ate get herself ready, get them to school and then work work work! This went on monday thru saturday. She was so busy and tired that she forgot it was her own birthday until her kids and her husband woke her up with breakfest in the bed. She scarfed it down.Her kids were really anxious about her coming downstairs because they had a gift for her. Downstairs on the kitchen counter was a peice of paper rapped with a bow on top. Inside was invatation to a spa called "extra"spa. She was so estatic!  While she was away at the extra spa she felt more serene and sane than she had in the last ten years. She came back home more peaceful and she the "big s" on her shirt(SUPERMOM)!
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