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Who am I? What is my opinion worth? I am a member of the Markham community, and as such, my opinion stands. So does yours. Do not be afraid to share what you see, to help make our community a better one.

Parking Control

What is wrong with the parking control? Almost anything. More attention needs to be paid to parking control, and the parking attendants need to do their job better. Recently, at the Unionville festival, my mom's car was inappropriately charged. They took a picture of a car of the same model in front of a fire hydrant, and took a picture of her license plate separately. We were charged with a ticket, and we weren't even close to a hydrant! This problem was not able to be disputed. Don't attendees have anything better to do than to frame people in place of 'doing their job'?

Parks and Recreational Areas

Is it just me, or are all the parks poorly maintained? I've seen parks with tons of litter, broken swings, graffitied slides, and broken floor mats. They stay like that over years, and they're never updated, changed, or even fixed. If Markham wants to promote physical activity and well-being, why don't they start by making their parks clean and safe.


Sure, libraries are great, I can't argue against that. Markham's library has 6 locations, and millions of books/videos. The problem is, their online catalog servers probably can't keep up with the amount of users, meaning they need an upgrade. Not once, but on multiple occasions, the 'bibliocommons' as they call it, has reported false information. 'No items up for return', wrong. Many late fees have been charged on my or people I know's accounts because of this, or people have missed their holds because they don't inform you in time. As this community grows, a library is a greatly used and depended on resource. Since learning is greatly promoted all over Canada, Markham should promote the usage of libraries better, and fix their error-full systems.
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