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Football in my belief is the best sport known to man. it is the most physical and you cant get in trouble for hurting someone. Its not just a simple game not just anyone can play it you have to be physically and mentally ready to take on anybody that wants to face you. If football was easy anybody could do it and that's why their is only 11 on the field.

C.C. Winn Football Roster


4John VillarrealCB, SSSr.5-9161

5Michael SantillanoCBSr.

6Max VallejoSSSr.

7Eric VasquezCBSr.5-6151

8Julio RuizWR, QBSo.5-8145

9Josue BarraganCBJr.

10Reyes LopezQBJr.

11Juan ElizondoQBSr.5-10165

12Luis HuertaSSSr.

13Erick PerezOLBSr.

15John MontalvoRBSr.6-0187

20Deion AlonsoRB, WRSr.5-7160

24Chris ArandaRBSr.

30Rene RodriguezWR, FSSr.

31Marco RamirezDESr.

32David GarzaRBSr.

34Alan BerumenRBSr.5-6160

34Everardo De los santosOLBSr.

46Dante ValdezKSr.

48Emmanuel HerreraMLBSr.

54Nicolas HernandezTSr.

56Victor MirandaNGSr.

61Mario EsparzaTSr.

63Reymundo RizaGSr.

65Marco RodriguezOLBSr.

68Alejandro RamosOLBSr.

70Miguel De la cruzC, DTSr.

72Adrian BotelloTSr.6-1275

73Marcelino OlivarezTSr.

76Marco VillarealGSr.6-1124

78Juan JimenezTSr.

81Abel FloresDESr.

82Michael RiosTESr.

92Xavier LopezNG, DESr.6-0205

94Zaul CarrizalesOLBSr.

Jonathan ReynaSo.

Luis De la torreSo.

Luis ReynaOLBSo.5-11158

Michael PaniaguaSo.

Omar HinojosaSo.

Robert RichardsonSr.

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Rules of engagement:

In engaging your opponent holding can not be opposed in your block of advance or if so a penalty will be called upon by a referee with a yellow flag

C.C. Winn schedule

Thursday, Sep. 25th, 9pm

SAC , eagle pass



Pearsall (Pearsall, TX)

Game Details: Pearsall

18 - 6Win


@ Laredo LBJ (Laredo, TX)

Location: Laredo LBJ High School

28 - 14Loss


@ Carrizo Springs (Carrizo Springs, TX)

Game Details: Carrizo Springs

30 - 13Win


Eagle Pass (Eagle Pass, TX)

Location: Winn High School

27 - 7Loss


Southside (San Antonio, TX)

Location: Winn High School


@ Medina Valley (Castroville, TX)

Location: Medina Valley High School


Uvalde (Uvalde, TX)

Location: Winn High School


@ Cigarroa (Laredo, TX)

Game Details: Shirley Field


Martin (Laredo, TX)

Location: Winn High School


Nixon (Laredo, TX)

Location: Winn High School


@ Somerset (Somerset, TX)

Location: Somerset High School

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Coach Villaseñor

"Nothing worth having in life is easy."

History of Football

The history of American football can be traced to early versions of rugby football. Both games have their origin in different places and played in Britain in the mid-19th century, in which a football kicked at agoal or run over a line.

Rules and regulation

In football rules are applied to the offense and defensively to make it fair to both opposing teams.

In the offense rules are applied as the following, players are not allowed to hold or pull jerseys upon their opponent or if so the referee can place a flag known as a penalty.

The field must consist of only 12 players in , if a team has more than the required players they will be flagged with a penalty.

Both teams must try their very best.

Football Basic Rules

Football Rules for the Structure of the Game:

  • Football is played on a rectangular field one hundred yards long x 160 yards wide, with a ten foot long area at each end called the end zone.

  • There are two opposing teams of eleven players each, with each team having opposite halves of the football field as their 'territory.' The teams take turns at either being the Offense (having the ball in their possession and trying to score points) or the Defense (trying to stop the offense from scoring points).

  • Time of play is 60 minutes, divided into four fifteen-minute segments (called quarters). Yes, we know: you've never heard of a football game that lasted only an hour. That's because these guys take more time-outs than your average pre-schooler.

    Football Rules for Scoring Points:

  • Touchdown - scores six points if the ball is thrown or carried into the opponent's end zone.

  • Point after Touchdown/Extra point - as the names imply, after a touchdown is scored, the scoring team has an opportunity to score additional points by either kicking the ball between the goal posts in the end zone (one point) or throwing or carrying the ball into the end zone from two yards away (i.e., the two-yard line) for two additional points.

  • Field Goal - even if a team has failed to get into the end zone for a touchdown during their possession, they may feel they are close enough to exercise the option of kicking the ball between the goal posts for three points.

  • Safety - If an offensive player who has the ball in his possession gets stuck in his own end zone, and is tackled there by a defensive player, thedefense is awarded two points. This, perhaps not surprisingly, is the most uncommon way to score points.

    Football Rules for Starting a Game:

  • The coin toss - before the game begins, the referee and team captains get together for a good old-fashioned coin toss, with the visiting team calling heads or tails. Winner gets to choose either to have his team start the game with the ball in their possession (receiving the kickoff) or picking which end of the field he wants for his team's 'territory.' The latter may not sound like a big deal, but sometimes having the sun in your face or the wind at your back can make a difference. In any event, the positions are reversed before the start of the third quarter (aka the beginning of the second half), and the ends of the field being defended are traded at the end of each quarter.

  • The kickoff - yes, a football game really does start with an actual kickoff. The football is kicked by the defense to the offense to start the action at the beginning of the game, at the beginning of the second half of the game, and after points have been scored.

    Football Rules for Playing a Game:

  • When a team has possession of the ball (i.e., they are 'on offense'), the object is to move the ball forward into the end zone, or, barring that, to move the ball a minimum of ten yards in four attempts (called downs, the first of each series being 'first down,' and so on). To make it easy to keep track of their success or failure ,the playing field has lines drawn across it at five-yard intervals, with the yard numbers noted every ten yards (as you can see in the above diagram of a football field).

  • If the offense fails to move the football forward the required ten yards, they must turn the ball over to their opponent.
  • If the offense takes all four downs and fails to move the ball the required ten yards, the ball is turned over to the other team at that point on the field. That is, the defense now becomes the offense at the exact place where the offense has been stopped.

  • The offense also has the option, on fourth down, of kicking the ball to the opponent when they have failed to make the requird ten yards and have too far to go to take a chance of making it on the remaining down. As you can see, if they have to turn over the ball to the opposition after failing to make ten yards in four downs, where they are on the playing field when this happens is key. If they are still closer to their own end zone than to that of their opponent, if they give the ball to their opponent at that place on the field, they have placed their opponent closer to being able to enter their end zone and score against them. In that case, they can (and usually do) use the option of kicking the ball to their opponent such that the ball winds up as far away from their end zone as possible.

  • There!!! All the football rules you need to know to distinguish an NFL game from that half-price sale at Filene's!

    Enough football rules to get you going? Time for football positions!