Mrs. Duzyol's MathMagicians

Weekly Update from 4th grade Math Class - Sept. 22-28, 2014

This Week At MathMagician's Corner

Dear Parents,

I am thrilled with the results of Chapter 3 TEST from Friday, Sept 19th. MathMagicians did a spectacular job!! Class average of Chapter 3 TEST is 92.81/100. Graded test papers were sent home with MathMagicians.

MathMagicians are excited to start learning about Fractions in this week.

Please enjoy reading about Curriculum Corner, Multiplication & Division Crossword Puzzle Project, Prize Box, coming up assessment dates, Home Visit Program, Parent Corner and more!

Also, smart-board notes, homework assignments, and all grades are up to date on FSA-connect.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Have an amazing week!!

Sema Sarikaya Duzyol, MS

Math Department Chair & Math Olympiad Head Coach

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. (Ken Blanchard)

MathMagicians' Curriculum Corner

Last week, Mrs. Duzyol's MathMagicians practiced with multiplication by 2-digit numbers & long division up to 4-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers with and without remainder. MathMagicians started working with real world problems using multiplication and division in addition to mastering vocabulary of Chapter 3. MathMagicians showed an excellent performance both on Vocab QUIZ & Chapter 3 TEST of last week!

This week, Mrs. Duzyol's MathMagicians will continue solving real world problems using multiplication and division. MathMagicians will start working with Fractions; in particular will focus on Comparing Unlike Fractions as well as Adding & Subtracting Fractions. Also, Multiplication & Division Crossword Puzzle Project's deadline is extended to Sept 29th Monday.

MathMagicians' Parent Corner

  • FSA Connect is up-to-date!! Please help your MathMagician to complete "MathMagicians' Multiplication & Division Crossword Puzzle Project" latest by Monday Sept 29th.
  • Hard copy of the project rubric was provided to students in class. It is also posted on FSA-connect.
  • Please help your MathMagician with submitting homework on time and binder organization.
  • PLEASE donate to our MAGIC PRIZE BOX!
  • Please have your MathMagician practice on EPGY for about 15-20 min at least 4 times every week.
  • Please let me know if you have any difficulties when logging on EPGY website .


I am thrilled to inform you that MathMagicians did a spectacular job on last Wednesday's Vocab QUIZ and Friday's Chapter 3 TEST!! Class average of Vocab QUIZ is 94/100 & Class average of Chapter 3 TEST is 92.81/100.

As promised, MathMagicians' amazing performance was awarded with an Oreo & Ice Cream Party today in class. MathMagicians were extremely excited to taste Ice Cream that was at least as sweet as their success in math class.

I know they will keep up with their great performance!! I am proud of them. :)

MathMagician's MAGIC Prize BOX

I want to thank everyone contributed to MathMagicians' PRIZE BOX in particular, Mrs. Casurluk & Mrs. Mueller for their continuous support. MathMagicians are extremely excited about PRIZE BOX & therefore exceptionally motivated to do an amazing job in math class every day!

As you know, MathMagicians have been earning points as compliments for homework submission on time, superior participation and role model behaviors such as reading a book when you are done early. They can use compliment points to buy objects from our prize box.

If you are able to send in items to donate to our prize box I would be very grateful! Many families take a look at toys they have at home and send in small items they no longer use, or visit the dollar store and send in small objects they know 4th grader MathMagicians would love. Please consider sending in any prize box items that you can, I do appreciate it.

Home Visit Program at FSA Private School

As part of FSAPS Home Visit Program, teachers visit students and parents at their home.

The overall goal of home visits is to help strengthen relationships between parents, students and teachers.

I would LOVE to visit my MathMagician and you at home at your convenience.

If you would like to participate, please e-mail me at or FSA PS Home Visit Coordinator Mrs. Unal at

Sema Sarikaya Duzyol, MS

Math Department Chair & Math Olympiad Head Coach

Fulton Science Academy Private School

Serving Advanced and Gifted Students

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. (Ken Blanchard)