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Week of December 7th Group A

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COVID -19 Reminders

We are asking that families let us know directly as soon as they are notified of a positive case within their family or with their child. This is helpful to our school as RIDOH is so far behind and we can begin immediately placing those affected on distance learning. Thank you and stay safe!

Academy of Engineering

Introduction to Engineering

Last week students completed their training on building models in virtual space and began their training on building prototypes in real space. Below we see a tank built by Eliza Angelotti on a Chromebook while distance learning. Meanwhile, we also see Nick Lupino building wooden mockups on the laser cutter to check if the phone case he designed will fit his phone.

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Computer Integrated Manufacturing

While students at home learn how to program computers to build objects for them, students in school completed the shop safety course and began building wooden boxes to display their new skills. Below we see a photo of Evan Williams' program to carve his initials into a virtual block of aluminum, while Mackenzie Scalzo and Simona Mancini demonstrate the old practice of "measure twice, cut once."

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Biology Honors

Students enrolled in Honors Biology Early Enrollment are investigating the mechanism of osmosis and the movement of molecules across the plasma membrane. This experiment challenges students to identify hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic solutions based on the condition of the grapes (cells) after 24hrs of exposure to each of these solutions.
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Social Studies -Modern World History

Newsletter submission by Pat Murtagh,SLP and co-teacher in Mrs. Seger’s Class

Mrs. Seger’s Modern World History class had a special guest on 12/4/2020. Curt Nutbrown, a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel (LTC), gave a personal account of his survival on 9/11. LTC Nutbrown, a graduate of the United State Military Academy at West Point, NY, has an impressive military record. In addition to his bachelor's degree in Engineering from the United States Military Academy, he has a masters degree in Management from the Naval Postgraduate School. After retirement from the military, he worked as an executive at Lockheed Martin as the Director for Battle Command Programs. On 9/11, LTC Nutbrown was in a meeting when one of the hijacked planes flew into the Pentagon 50 feet from his conference room. Mrs. Seger’s class prepared questions for LTC Nutbrown. He shared his story and gave an illustration of the Pentagon showing his location and escape route. He also shared his Purple Heart Medal which was awarded to him from President Bush. This year he was asked to be part of a 9/11 lesson in a national on-line youth educational program. LTC Nutbrown mentioned he was impressed with Mrs. Seger’s students’ questions. When asked if he would continue to do presentations, he had mixed-feelings. He said everytime he talks about that day, he relives the painful memories. One of the students, Mackenzie, asked “Mr. Nutbrown, my apologies for asking a loaded question that might bring you pain…...What do you remember about that day?” Later when Nolan asked “What advice would you give others for persevering through life’s difficulties and challenges?” LTC Nutbrown offered many suggestions and told them they have to be accepting of help and ask for support when they need it.” During one of my private conversations, Curt recalled that as a child he would listen to his uncle talking about D-Day and noted his sacrifices. Likewise, 9/11 is an important event in our country’s history and it should always be remembered and survivors and heroes be honored.

English Language Arts (Science Fiction)

Mr. Kelly's Science Fiction class recently read a Stephen King story called "I Am the Doorway,"

Mr. Kelley found a trailer for a short film, produced in 2018, but no link to the actual film. However, he found the contact information of the director, a man named Simon Pearce. He decided to reach out to him via Facebook Messenger. After some more correspondence, he sent me a link to a private, password-protected video showing of it.

During the period 6 showing, the class was supervised to see a personal message from the producer to Scituate High School!

Technology Updates December 2020

Student Technology Issues?

If students are having technology issues, they should email

If your chromebook is not working and you are not able to email, you could call the main office 647-4120


Scituate VAASSA and SADD are partnering to adopt a family in need this holiday season. If you are able, please consider donating to this family. They will truly appreciate it and every little bit helps!

Thank you in advance and Happy Holidays!

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2021 Yearbook


Don't miss the opportunity to put an ad in for your senior this year!

Senior Parents here is the link to purchase your ad for the yearbook

click on yearbooks

then yearbook ads

From School Counseling

Please view our scholarship link. The spreadsheet will be updated on a weekly basis

Mental Health Support

COVID-19 Daily Screener

Our parent screener can be found on our high school website. Visit and go to the tab, Students & Parents and click "Parent/Guardian Attestation Form"

Spartan Athletics

CALLING ALL 2020 FALL JUNIOR & FIRST TIME SENIOR ATHLETES! Boosters has a gift for you! You can pick up your Gold Spartan pin at the front office on Friday, 12/4 and Monday, 12/7! They look great on backpacks and can be worn on your cap or gown at graduation! After you graduate, attend any Spartan event Boosters is at, show you pin and receive a free burger!
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Football Team Gives Back!

Please consider donating a toy on behalf of our Spartan Football team!
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Boys Cross Country

2020 BOYS XC FALL SPORTS AWARDS recipients presented by Coach Alexander Evans:

MVP - Matthew Spaziano

Coach Award - Joseph Spaziano

While we were unable to field a scoring team this past Fall, the Scituate harriers made many strides towards improvement while navigating the difficult circumstances of the COVID19 pandemic. Coach Award recipient, Joseph Spaziano shaved 90 seconds off his previous 5k best while sophomore, Jacob Bruno, came within earshot of his best midway through the season. Freshmen, Matthew Spaziano, earned MVP honors for averaging the top finish among Spartan runners during our six meet season, capping off his rookie season by earning medalist honors at the RITCA Freshmen State Meet, placing 36th overall.

These young men showed plenty of determination and adaptability while managing the ever changing landscape of the sport during these dangerous times. I am incredibly proud of all their hard work.

Lastly, hats off to senior, Xavier Parker, who completed a successful 4th year that saw him peak for championship season time and time again, proving to be a valuable asset to the program’s success. He kept the team’s chemistry in balance and will be truly missed.

Girls Tennis

2020 GIRLS TENNIS FALL SPORTS AWARDS winners presented by Coach Tara Marchant:

MVP - Rachel Fians: Rachel worked hard to earn the top position in singles for the second year. I could drive by the courts any given day during the off-season and there she was, playing and working hard on her game. I could always count on her in a match. I never worried about her because she would win. At 1st Singles, she went 6-1. She was a dominating presence on the court and I will miss her tremendously.

COACH AWARD - Talia St. Angelo: Talia went undefeated at 3rd Singles and has the best attitude. She helps, works hard and kills on the court...all with a smile on her face. It won’t be the same without her next year.

It was a privilege and honor to coach this team during a difficult season. We finished in the top 4 in D111 and I can’t wait to coach these girls next season!

Boys Soccer

2020 BOYS SOCCER FALL SPORTS AWARDS presented by Coach Timothy Brown:

MVP - Jack Campbell

Coach’s Award - Dillon Langton

Boys soccer all division recipients are

1st team

Jack Campbell

2nd team all division

Dillon Langton-

Mitchell Vernava

3rd team

Ryan Parker

All academic league

Euan Wilkie.

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Girls Soccer

2020 GIRLS SOCCER AWARDS presented by Coach Bubba Parmenter:

MVP - Rachel Oster

Coach’s Award - Abi Pagnozzi

Fall Cheer

2020 SOCCER CHEERLEADERS FALL SPORTS AWARD WINNERS presented by Coach Lynn Francazio and Coach Cara Campbell:

This year’s COACH’S AWARD goes to Grace Vinacco. Grace has shown great improvement this season. She always asks questions to help her improve. She comes to every practice and made the team a priority.

This year’s MVP goes to Bethany Emmett. Bethany has been cheering with us every season. She works well with all the members on the team. She is very reliable, has a positive attitude and always shows respect towards her coaches and teammates. She is a great asset to the team.

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Scituate Athletic Boosters Opens Brick Fundraiser!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Purchase your custom brick soon to take advantage of last year’s prices.

After Thanksgiving, prices will increase by $10.

If you purchase a brick as a gift and would like a Gift of Purchase Certificate, simply DM us.

Visit Scituate High School's Website!

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Visit our Athletic Website


The Scituate School Department has released an updated non-discrimination policy. Please note that our Scituate High School 2018-2019 student and parent handbook was printed before the new statement was released. Therefore, the non-discrimination policy in this year's handbook is out of date. The current policy with updates is as follows:

The Scituate School Department does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, race, religion, national origin, color, creed, political affiliation or disability in any of its educational programs and activities, and in employment and application for employment, as required by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1965, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, and other federal and state laws that prohibit discrimination. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Equal Employment Officer, P.O. Box 188, North Scituate, Rhode Island 02857, Telephone: (401) 647-4100; Email: You may also direct inquiries directly to: Office for Civil Rights (Boston Office), U.S. Department of Education, 8th Floor, 5 Post Office Square, Boston, MA 02109-3921, Telephone: (617) 289-0111; Facsimile: (617) 289-0150; Email: If you require an accommodation to attend a meeting or program at a school, call the Equal Employment Officer at least two business days in advance of the meeting or program.