Top 10 Parent Technology Rules

Olivia Hildebrandt 8c

Top Ten Parent Technology Rules

1. If you see an email that says that you have won a trip to a place such as Hawaii. DO NOT click on it, it is spam. Trust me you haven't won a trip to Hawaii. This can cause you to end up paying for something or getting into something you don't want to get in

2. If you are on the internet and something pops up and asks you to download software. DO NOT click yes 'download' because once its downloaded it can cause a virus.

3. Once you have finished looking at a social network account (facebook, twitter, etc.) log off so that no one else who comes onto your computer can access it.

4. When your child is using the internet ask them what websites their going on and what they are watching so that you can prevent them from looking at things they shouldn't be looking at.

5. When using a social network do not reveal to much about your self on the web. This can cause not so good people to see who you are and know a lot about you.

6. When on social networks do not put links on Google maps to where you live on photos or when talking to someone. This can cause people to find out where you live which can result to not so good circumstances.

7. when using a device do not store anything that can reveal information that can lead to someone being able to access your bank account or anything like that. That could lead to someone getting access to your money.

8. Always keep a password on a device so that if it gets stolen or someone gets a hold of it they cant access anything you don't want them to see.

9. When using a device, always turn it off when done. This prevents the battery from draining and prevents people from getting in to it.

10. When your child is using social networks always see what they are posting, saying, or commenting. This is to know what your child is doing on the internet and you can keep them from anything bad happening.

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