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Good News! Jeff Mack is Coming to Huebner!

On Tuesday, April 12th, Jeff Mack will visit our Huebner Huskies! Mr. Mack is an author and/or illustrator of over 15 picture books and has a chapter book series for older readers. Mr. Mack will share how words and illustrations come together to tell a complete story and how his artwork evolves from an idea to a published product.

Parents are welcome to attend!

8:15 - 9:00: Kindergarten/First Grade Presentation

9:20 - 10:20: Fourth Grade Presentation

10:35 - 11:35: Fifth Grade Presentation

1:00 - 2:00: Second/Third Grade Presentation

Meet Him BEFORE His Visit!

Visit the link below to learn more about Jeff Mack, his books, and print an order form for an autographed book.

April is National Poetry Month

Poetry Month Ideas

Check out some of these websites for ideas on how you can celebrate National Poetry Month in your classroom or at home.

Fetch a 2x2!

Texas 2x2 Reading Program

Kindergarten through second grade classes are invited to participate in our annual Texas 2x2 Reading Program each spring. The Texas 2x2 Reading Program is an annual list of recommended books for children ages 2 to grade 2. This program is sponsored by the Texas Library Association.

In kinder and first grade, students participate as a whole class. Their classroom teacher will read each of the 20 books aloud and add the title to their classroom poster. When all 20 books have been read, each student will earn a 2x2 Spirit Stick and a special reward in May.

In second grade, students are invited to come to the library to independently read the 2x2 books. After reading a book, students fill out a summary sheet and turn it in to Mrs. Watts for checking. Students earn a 2x2 Spirit Stick when they have read and filled out summary sheets on at least 5 of the 20 books. They also will earn a special reward in May.

To see a list of this year's books, visit our 2x2 Libguide page!

March Moments

Peace, Love. Books!

Wear your bellbottoms and flash your peace signs while finding groovy summer reading books next month at the Spring Book Fair. The fair will run from May 16 - May 20.

More information about class visits, advertised titles, and shopping our fair online will come home soon.

March Stats

Circulation Numbers

Total Check-outs: 2,595

Kinder: 226

1st: 456

2nd: 500

3rd: 480

4th: 365

5th: 389

Staff: 166

Parent: 13

Program Participation

Fourth Nine-Weeks Book Bingo: 11 To Date

Book Brackets: Approximately 11 classes participated!


Nursery Rhyme Unit - Kinder

  • There Was An Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe
  • Wrap-up: Digital Coloring Book

Pourquoi Unit - 1st Grade

  • Create Final Book with Puppet Edu App
  • Watch Pourquoi Tales on iPads

500's Graduation - 1st Grade

Animal Research - 2nd Grade

Special Events

Fetch a 2x2! - 2x2 Kick-off for Kinder - Second Grade

Camp Write-A-Lotta - 4th Grade