Helen Fielding is a journalist and a novelist best known as the creator of the cultural icon Bridget Jones. She also cowrote the screenplays of the movie Bridget Jones's Diary and the sequel based on Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.

What is it about?

Bridget, has thirty years, she works at a publishing company and lives alone, she decides to start a diary. She proposes five goals: lose weight, quit smoking, limit alcohol, be charming and get a steady partner. For the dairy appear her parents (determined to marry her), her friends (addicted to self-help books), a gay friend, office colleague with whom he has a pickup and sends suggestive messages on the computer, a friend childhood and many other characters.


The New Year’s Day Bridget decides to start changing her life, she should reduce circumference of thighs, find a boyfriend and stop smoking and stop drinking alcohol. She begins to write her every day in a diary. That day, in the New Year party of Bridget’s parents, she sees Mark Darcy, an old friend who she hates.

Bridget works in a publishing company in London, she is obsessed with her boss, Daniel. Suddenly Bridget starts receiving emails from her boss and finally they have a meeting.

Daniel tell her that Mark broke their friendship by sleeping with his wife. Bridget and her boss begin a relationship, She breaks off their relationship when she catches him with another girl.

Mark and Bridget return to find and Mark confesses that he likes "just the way she is”, Bridget begins to have feelings for Mark and want to start a relationship when Mark discovers her diary and everything bad that she has written there.

Finally Mark appears with a new diary to "start over".


Thighs: muslos. “Reduce circumference of thighs”

Fuckwittage: Sexo sin compromiso “ We always have fuckwittage”

Raucous: estridente . “Giving an involuntary raucous laugh”

Hesitate: vacilar “I hesitated”

Whippersnapper: mequetrefe. “That was a horrible thing to do to a young whippersnapper”

Hurriedly: apresuradamente “Mark went on hurriedly”

Lampposts: farolas “I don’t want to see you climbing up any poles or lamppost”

Poles: postes

Speechless: mudo, sin palabras “Speechless, I grabbed the edge of the sweet counter for support”

Steady my breathing: mantener mi respiración. “I could steady mi breathing”

Smug: presumido “Smug Marrieds”

I'm sure that many people have seen the movie that is based on this book. It is recommended for those who likes romantic and funny books.

Bridget Jones's Diary Trailer