Learn Integrated Energy Therapy

The next generation of energy healing!

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) is also referred to as "Healing with the Angels"

IET is one of the next generation, power energy therapy systems to get the "issues out of your tissues" for good! The IET Mission is to "Heal the world one-heart-at-a-time". It uses the nine Healing Angels of the Energy Field to gently release limiting patterns of your past, balance your life in the present, and assists you in moving forward to your future.


We will be learning the Basic Level, and you will receive an attunement to the IET energy ray your first night of class. An attunement allows you to do energy healing on yourself, as well as others. You will learn how to establish a Heartlink, the Energize and Integrate sequence and the IET Cellular Memory Map for a healing session, and final balancing and grounding. We will also discuss the nine Angels, as well as how to do 5 minute empowerment sessions and absentee sessions.

Are you ready to imprint Trust, Freedom, Forgiveness, and Ease?

IET is a wonderful modality to use on yourself or others!

Whether you just want to do healings on yourself, friends and family, or take your current energy healing practice to the next level, this modality is very gentle yet powerful, and can be easily learned and readily applied. There are also Intermediate and Advanced Levels that will teach you even more! You can also apply this modality to your pets. Watch for future classes!

October 29th and 30th 7pm-9pm

Class will be held at Fargo Rocks! Fargo Rocks! is a Rock Shop located at 1014 - 4th Ave. N. in Fargo, ND. Call to reserve your space, since the class is limited: 701-237-3729

You can also call, email or text Sarah Jacobs for more information, as well as visit the IET website.

Price: $175, manual included. Cash or credit accepted, must pay in full by the start of the class.