Good's & Bad's Of Social Media.

By: Melany Miteva

Social media

Social media are websites and apps that allow people to create and share content.

Social: relating to the society or community

Media: mass of communication (television, radio, newspaper, and the internet).


There are many goods of social media but here are some that I thought were pretty important.

  • Great way to connect with others

- Its a great way to connect with others because it allows you contact others now just in the area that you live in you can call someone that lives on the other side of the united states and still leave them a voice mail if they don't answer

  • Express yourself

- It allows you to express yourself by posting your favorite pictures or quotes or even something you like/enjoy.

  • State your opinion

- It allows us to state our opinion by making things public for others to see and get their view point across or maybe you see a status and want to get your view point to be seen.

  • Meet new people

- It helps us meet new people because now a days everyone has at least some sort of social media even if its for school, work, or personal its still yours and other people can view it and they can contact you. For example Facebook, Facebook is a great example because there are so many people that use it and its hard now to get friend requests sent to you.


On the other hand others might think that social media is bad for you. Here are some examples:

  • Self Harm

- Self harm is a good example of how social media is bad because it can put teens and others at risk maybe they are getting cyber bullied or saw something on social media that think its cool or maybe they just want attention but it still happens on sicial media and it should not.

  • Digital Footprint

- It can ruin your digital footprint because if you post something negative its there forever even if you delete it, by the time you delete it someone could have already screenshot it even if you deleted it right away. Colleges and other businesses are also looking at these things.

  • Different online than in person

- It can make you seem different because online no one has control over what someone says and for example it can make you seem like this really tough person that is so strong because that is how you put yourself out there but really you are super shy, you have no idea who you are talking to and you try to be someone you are not.