Child labor

There's more than meets the eye then what we've heard

December 2, 1999 Washington Toys R us stores were slammed with two-hundred thousand dollars for violating child labor laws. They were using both girls and boys under the age of 15. They worked more than law would alow.

July 22, 2011 millions of children are tooken out of school to work in cotton fields, and the cotton that these children pick are used in over 70 of the worlds most largest apparel stores.

Pharady a young child who's family is in debt.

World Vision Child Labour


My vinyet is a young girl named pharaty. Her whole family works in a brick factory, and after her father died the debt that he owed had lead on for the rest of the family to work. She works from six in the morning till six at night at least twelve hours a day. Her mother whants pharaty to go to school but that was not possible, and pharaty whants to become a teacher; but if you can't go to school then how's that possible?