Celebrate the Independence of India

Take that Britain!

Independence at Last

Today, August 15, we have at last gained independence. The future for India is looking up and we wish to invite you to a festival commemorating this wonderful day. Come to become more in touch with your country and the amazing occasions. Even Mahatma Gandhi will be there, signing Indian Independence pamphlets.

The Party of Independence

Friday, Aug. 15th 1947 at 6:30pm

Mahatma Gandhi Road

Vijayawada, AP

Celebration: This event is the celebration of our independence from Britain. Every Indian is is invited.

RSVP: Contact the organizer of this event at Varnas, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India. We await you letter.

~Please bring an Indian national flag and 1 dish of your choosing (appetizer, entree, or dessert).