Time To Eat!!

By Thomas Roush


Limited Government

  • Ex: In the Us, there is the 3 branches of gov. They can’t abuse their power without the other branches opinion. They have limits.

    Unlimited Government

The Main Entree

If I had to move to a new country, I would choose Australia. In the Environment I want...

  • Decent Weather
  • Good children care
  • Nice people
  • Good place to Make money
  • Pretty low crime rate
  • And good education
Australia has all of these. I judge the country by how the education is, the people, crime rate, and homicide count. I think it would be the best for us to go to Australia because all those characteristics are true.Plus Beautiful places to visit, Nice Jobs, and good foods to try, and there are fun places there for familes.

Time for Desert! :D

Welcome to my restaurant "Taste of The World!" Here is a menu and enjoy your time here!

The Menu