Harriet Tubman

conductor on the underground railroad By:Ann petry

A baby was born

Harriet Tubman was born march 1822 in Dorchester county Maryland, u.s. she was a sweet Little thing and was loved very much. when Harriet was growing up they called her minta.

She wanted a better life for all

Harriet was a kind loving person. she had been like this sense the day she was born. Harriet even blocked a door when a run away slave was trapped. She got hurt by the man but she saved the slave. The watcher threw a weighted object at the run away but Harriet jumped and blocked it and she was bleeding everywhere.


Harriet was sold to a man when she was older and she was stuck doing house work.

she begged the man to let her do outside manly work and he said okay. She was awesome at cutting and lifting wood she was so strong.

Helping others

Harriet decided she was not staying at the plantation. so she escaped and was free. she wanted to help others escape. so she would warn the slaves when she was coming. she help so many slave she was wanted.


Harriet was wanted for escaping so many slaves. she once had 11 slaves at once it was her biggest trip.