Robyn Rihanna Fenty


Growing Up

Growing up Rihanna lived in the Barbados with her mother, father and step siblings. She had a passion for reggae music, and was always doing plays in school. However; her life was greatly affected by her fathers addiction to cocaine and alcohol abuse. Her parents divorced when she was fourteen years old.


Little to none.

How did she get to where she is?

When Rihanna was fifteen years old her and two of her classmates started a girl group. They landed an audition with Evan Rogers, whom was in the Barbados at the time. He fell in love with Rihanna and a year later she moved in with Rogers and his wife in Connecticut to start recording a demo album. In January of 2005 Even Rogers got Rihanna an audition with Def Jam Records with Jay Z (president of DJR). Jay Z fell in love with Rihanna just as Rogers did, and eight months later Rihanna released her first single "Pon de Replay". Pon de Relay was rated number 2 on the Billboard singles chart and she was announced as the next big upcoming pop star.

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First single - Number 2 Billboard singles chart

First album released - Number 10 on Billboard albums chart

Second album - 2 major hits

First Grammy award in 2007 with "Umberella", another Grammy award in 2013

How did her challenges help her?

Her fathers addictions made Rihanna very independent girl. This caused her to want to do better for herself and make her own path to success. This meant moving out at the young age of sixteen, dropping out of high school and pursuing her dream of becoming a singer. Her and her father are closer than ever now.