Arab Spring

By, Zack Adams, Chandler Pettit

Arab Springs many people don't know what really happen. Today I will try to explain to you what happen. Questions such as Why did it start, how it did, the countries involved, what it prove, who side with it, religion aspect, and how social media help get the word out. To start the Arab spring was started because of political system problems that many people had with government. The countries involved are Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahria, Syria, and Libya. Were the countries involve in the Arab Springs. It all start by one man who was from Tunisia who set himself on fire because his cart got destroyed and police beat him up. That sparked other countries to revolt against the government and people involved was the major of population which is ages people under 30. As the tension rises the people of different groups of muslim higher the tension level between each other. As some countries had different group controlling them Civil war broke out between them. The only countries who went to war were Libya and Syria. Which leads to some of today conflicts going on today. The biggest controversial one and most heard one was what was happening in Egypt who use social media to get the news out. Even with the people against dictatorship it soon found it self back toward a more military control again. Now you wonder what was the point of the Arab Spring of the people did it accomplish anything. To answer this there has been a huge impact it has proving that people can remove corruption of dictators and thought of change in how they live there lives. Even though it still unknown impact it could lead to the future is uncertain about what could happen to this area and can lead to future regimes fallen and other further problems for the global community to figure out what to do.