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August/September 2020

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Empowering Students Through Communications & Lifelong Learning

At South Elementary School, we are a learning community nurturing a culture to provide students the skills necessary to be active, productive, and responsible citizens while empowering students through communications.

Level Yellow-Cohorts

Yellow Stoplight ( Back to School Plan)

Monday, August 31 - Friday, September 11

  • Students will attend school in the classroom two (2) days a week and have three (3) days a week of eLearning. (50% of students in buildings at once.)
  • Students are divided into two Cohorts (groups): A and B

Schedule for Cohorts/Groups

  • Cohort/Group A: Attend school on Monday, Tuesday with eLearning on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Cohort/Group B: Attend school on Thursday, Friday with eLearning on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Cohort/Group assignments can be located on the student's schedule in family access

Reminder: No students will come into the classroom on Wednesdays. Wednesdays are reserved for deep cleaning

The District Back to School plan can be found on the website, then click Back to School on the homepage.

MSD of Martinsville Mask Guidelines for all schools

What type of face covering can students wear?

  • Solid cloth, surgical or disposable face mask
  • Neck gaiter made from cotton
  • Face shield worn with a face mask underneath

What type of face covering is not permitted?

  • Per CDC guidelines, a face mask with a valve.
  • Neck gaiter made from fleece or spandex blend (if you can hold it up to a light and see through it, it shouldn't be worn.)
  • Bandanas
  • Face shield alone without a mask. (Unless a student has a mask exemption accommodation, per CDC guidelines.)

Mask Policy Highlights:

  • We are requiring all students to wear face masks even when socially distanced. Students and staff will be required to have masks covering their mouth, nose and chin. (We will reevaluate the policy on October 5, 2020, to determine if masks can be removed when socially distanced for all or some schools.
  • The requirement for students and staff to carry a mask with them at all times will be mandatory throughout the 20-21 academic year.
  • Students may remove masks when eating/drinking and when engaging in strenuous supervised physical activity in PE classes or during outdoor recess.
  • Our team will provide mask breaks for students throughout the day.

We understand that wearing a face covering may not be appropriate for some students with certain physical conditions, mental health concerns, cognitive disabilities or developmental disabilities. Please visit our Back to School plan to see how to request an exemption from wearing a mask due to medical conditions.

Please print and keep at home our mask policy and nurses' guidelines for wearing masks:

Mahalasville Road under construction

  • As Mahalasville Road is under construction here are some directions to get to South Elementary.

    • South Street overpass onto Grand Valley Blvd. Turn right onto Artesian Blvd and travel Mahalasville Road intersection. South Elementary is located to the right.

    • SR 37 and SR 252 intersection. Travel east on SR 252 to Cramertown Loop Road intersection and turn right. Travel Cramertown Loop Road to Grand Valley Blvd and turn right. Travel Grand Valley Blvd to Artesian Blvd intersection and turn left. Travel Artesian Blvd to Mahalasville Road intersection and the South Elementary is located to the right.


  • The doors open at 8:25AM.
  • School begins at 8:40AM.
  • We ask that all parents/guardians dropping students off remain in their vehicles during drop off.
  • We will have South staff members outside to guide the students into the school.
  • You can drop off students at the front of the building in the front drive or in the circle lot.
  • Staff will be located at both locations to assist.
  • Masks will need to be worn by all students and staff members.
  • Please be patient during arrival as we want to make sure that everyone remains safe.
Arrival Procedures Video

Please click on the button to review a video on our arrival procedures.


  • PreK dismisses at 3PM. Pick up will be in the front drive. Staff will come to the car to call and load students.
  • Busses are loaded at 3:40PM
  • Walkers dismissed and begin loading vehicles at 3:45PM
  • Parents/guardians picking up students should remain in their vehicles during dismissal. Students will be called to each vehicle.
  • Kindergarten students can be picked up in the circle lot. If a kindergarten student has an older sibling at South, the older sibling would be picked up in the circle lot also.
  • Students in grades 1-4 can be picked up in the front drive. In the front drive, cars will be moved up in line once the busses have been loaded and dismissed.
  • Traffic in both locations will remain stopped until students are loaded safely. Staff members will be calling names so that students come to the vehicles.
  • Remain in the car rider lines and follow staff direction for movement.
  • Masks will need to be worn by all students and staff members.
  • Please be patient during dismissal as we want to make sure that everyone remains safe.
Dismissal Procedures Video

Please click the button to view a video about our dismissal procedures.

Attendance on eLearning Days

On student's elearning yellow phase days it is important that students login on their device and complete the attendance question of the day to be counted present. Questions will be sent to students no later than 9:00 in the morning and students will have until 9:00 that evening to complete their questions. Teachers will provide specific details on how students will get these questions answered. Students will need to complete these questions every day they are not present in the physical building or they will be counted absent for the day.

In Person School Day Absences

To report an absence for your child on their In Person school day, please call the office at (765) 349-1486 by 9:00AM.

Checking A Student Out Of School Early

Only adults listed on a student's emergency contacts will be able to check out a student from school. In addition, anyone picking up a child, will need identification to be able to check a student out of school.

School Day Information

  • Breakfast and lunch will be served and eaten in the classroom.
  • Specials (Art, PE, Music, Technology, and Library) will be in the child's classroom to limit the movement around the building.
  • Masks will be worn by all students, but mask breaks will be given throughout the day. During recess and outside PE, masks will not be worn, but we will do our best to keep students socially distanced or in their pods/groups.
  • Students will be socially distanced as much as possible in the spaces given throughout the day.
  • Water Bottle Fillers will be used instead of water fountains.

Mark Your Calendar with Important Dates

You can also view the these events on the calendar by clicking on "Upcoming Events".

August 31-September 11: Level Yellow (Cohorts); Cohorts/Groups are listed in the student's schedule.

September 7: Labor Day-No School

September 14: Level Green (Students return to in-person learning)

September 14: Virtual PTO Meeting via Zoom 7PM

September 15: Picture Day

September 16: Midterms Posted

Title I Information

Federal funding has been made available through school-wide Title I services to South Elementary for the purpose of providing students with extra support in reading and language arts. This extra support is availabe for all students at South Elementary. Classroom teachers, Title I teachers, and instructional assistants will provide assistance in reading, language arts, and math through small group and indivdual instruction as children demonstrate need for support. Please contact Julie Sullivan at 765-349-1486 Ext. 1654 with any questions about support your child may receive.

PTO News

Want to get involved?!? Join South Elementary School PTO!!! This year's meetings will be virtual. Click on this link to fill out the “Get Involved Form” and the link for our monthly meeting will be emailed to you each month. Meetings will be the first Monday of the month at 7:00PM. Our first meeting will be September 14, 2020 (due to Labor Day). All are welcome to attend and encouraged to participate. This year is going to be different and we need lots of ideas to make it a great year! Hope to see you there!!

PTO is providing a FREE South Elementary water bottle to all students as a welcome back gift. They will receive their water bottle upon returning to school.

PTO also has spirit wear available for purchase. There are South Elementary face masks, lanyards and shirts available. Click on the button below to view and/or order spirit wear.

PTO selling Spirit Wear

Click on the button to view and/or order spirit wear.

Breakfast/Lunch Information

  • All students can eat breakfast for free at school. Breakfast is served in the classrooms.
  • Lunch will served and eaten in the classroom.
  • Click on the graphic above to see information on breakfast and lunch.


No visitors will be allowed beyond the front foyer area unless they have an approved scheduled meeting. If attending a scheduled meeting, social distance/mask guidelines will be followed. We will not be having visitors for breakfast, lunch, or in classrooms this year.

Family Access

Please make sure that your information is current and updated including your email address. School newsletters and other important information is sent through email.

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