My Life

By: Katelyn Wynn

Key Events that made me want to be a teacher:

Identity VS Confusion

Ever since I was born I have had a very raspy voice, and ever since then people have commented on it. I would get comments of all sorts from "did you loose your voice?" to "wow you sound like you smoke 3 packs a day!" It always hurt a little bit whenever people would say those things. It wasn't my fault I talked that way, its just how I was born. It wasn't until 5nd grade that my opinion on my voice changed. During this year I was sent to a Speech Therapist during school because we found out that I had nodes on my vocal cords which was the cause of my raspy voice. The speech therapist just wanted to make sure that they were not harming my throat in any way. She had me do some exercises and after an hour or so she told me that my throat would be fine and that I did not need to come to speech therapy. After that she gave me a gold star sticker and told me that my voice was one of the most unique that she had ever heard and that she loved it! I walked out of her classroom with a grin from ear to ear and ever since then I have thought of my voice as something that made me unique and I have prided myself on being a little different than the rest of the crowd. I believe that at this point in my life according to Erikson I was in the stage of Identity vs. Confusion and that this speech teacher helped me to see myself as unique.

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Initiative VS Guilt

In the seventh grade I took up the sport of pole vaulting. I thought it would be really fun to participate in so I joined the track team and started practicing. The problem was that none of the coaches at my school knew anything about pole vault and therefore I couldn't get much better than what already came naturally. I asked just about every coach on campus and was about to give up when my parents found me a private coach that I could go to to help me improve. At this age I had already known that I wanted to be a teacher and vowed to myself that when I had a classroom of my own and a child wanted to learn about something that I didn't know very much about that I would go out of my way to get as much information on that subject as possible and even go to a workshop to help me improve in the subject if necessary. I believe that I was in Erikson's stage of Initiative VS Guilt during this time of my life because I decided that I would want to take the initiative to help my students in any way that I could in order to be sure that I was doing my job to the best of my ability.

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Intimicy VS Isolation

My senior year of high school I took a class called Ready, Set, Teach! where I got to go be a teacher assistant in an elementary school for an hour every day. I got assigned to a school called Oak Meadow Elementary. This was a school where a large portion of the student population was hearing impaired. It was at this school where I fell in love with the idea of teaching the hearing impaired. I just found that I had a special place in my heart for these children and that I wanted to help them grow. I have since then set a goal for myself that I would get ASL certified and be able to have hearing impaired children in my classroom when I am a teacher. During this part of my life according to Erikson I was in the stage of Intimacy vs. Isolation because of the fact that I could make the commitment to these kind of students and set this goal in my head and to be able to bond with them in a way that I hadn't with anyone else instead of not being able to see them as the wonderful children that they really are dispute their inability to hear.

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