Student-Led Conference

What I Have Learned And What I Need To Work On

What Can I Do To Help Myself Become A More Successful Learner And How Can My Teacher Help?

I can focus more on school and try to get better graded ad work harder and how my teacher can help is that i can pay more attention to what the teacher is teaching us and i can study more before tests.

How Can My Parents/Family Help? My Family Can Help By Reminding Me To Study For Tests And Helping Me Study If I Need Help.

In What Subject Would I Like To Improve? I Would Like To Improve My Math.

What Assignment Did I Do This Year That I'm Proud Of?

The assignment that i did this year that i'm proud of is last week when i got my first 100% on a spelling test this year. i was so excited when i got my first 100%. i got 25 out of 25 words.