Patty Murray

US Senator, D-WA

Keystone Pipeline


  • putting an estimated 20,000 US workers to work and spending $7 billion stimulating the US economy
  • fifteen million barrels of oil are used by Americans a day


  • impact on Nebraska's environmentally sensitive Sand Hills region
  • possible damage to sacred Native American sites, reservations, pollution, and water contamination, which could lead to health risks among their communities
  • a good portion of the oil that will gush down the KXL will probably end up being finally consumed beyond the territorial United States
  • Pipeline opponents warn of disruption of farms and ranches during construction, and point to damage to water mains and sewage lines sustained during construction of an Enbridge crude oil pipeline in Michigan

Minimum Wage Increase


  • minimum wage hasn't kept up with inflation; pay of many workers, particularly those with families of 3 or more people, are now well below the poverty level
  • graduated increases in the minimum wage have low impact on unemployment
  • additional income would be spent by consumers and would ripple through the economy if overall budgets for salary were increased under a gradual increase in the minimum wage scenario
  • government expenses for social programs aimed at the poor would be reduced. This might result in slightly lower taxes
  • slightly more revenue for the government would be generated from payroll taxes for social security


  • possible layoffs to workers at employers with a fixed compensation budget
  • employers might hire fewer workers in the entry level jobs needed to begin a career
  • provides an incentive for employers to invest in automated processes, technology and machinery to increase productivity rather than human resources
  • prices might be increased to offset higher labor costs
  • wages for higher paid workers might be suppressed, and salary increases might be lower for those not impacted by a higher minimum wage

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Patty Murray- Bio

Patricia Lynn "Patty" Murray (born October 11, 1950) is the senior United States Senator from Washington and a member of the Democratic Party. Murray was first elected to the Senate in 1992, becoming Washington's first female senator. She was re-elected in 1998 2004, and 2010.

Murray received her Bachelor of Arts degree in physical education from Washington State University in 1972. She was a preschool teacher for several years and taught a parenting class at Shoreline Community College.

Murray has served as the Senate Majority Conference Secretary since 2007, making her the fourth-highest-ranking Democrat and the highest-ranking woman in the Senate. Murray currently Chairs the Senate Budget Committee and previously served as co-chair of the United States Congress Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction.

Patty Murray- Platform

  • Anti-war (Iraq, Afghanistan)
  • In favor of immigration reform
  • Supports creation of wildlife conservations
  • Endorsed Hilary Clinton
  • pro-LGBT


  • Works to raise minimum wage
  • Opposes Keystone Pipeline

Patty Murray Today

  • Up for reelection
  • Plans minimum wage increase as campaign issue